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The Economic / Community Development Departments focus on strategies for both economic and quality of life enhancements to our community. The economic goal is to enable continued business development through programs directed at retention and attraction of business within the City to stimulate and maintain economic vitality. Quality of life will be addressed by continued creation of community amenities for our residents. Economic/Community Development works in collaboration with local Chamber of Commerce.

Bruce Stolman
Community Development Director

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Across the City there are literally dozens of projects in the works that are directly related to Economic Development and Community Development. In this section of our web site, we will try to keep the most current information posted as related to each of the projects from the ground breaking through their completion.

  • Revised 7/15/17

Whihala Beach

The rehabbing of the Whihala Beach House provided needed repairs and modernization to the thirty year-old structure.  The Beach House contains a concession stand, the life guard station, foot shower stations and bathrooms.  A completely new roof, new plumbing lines and fixtures, new electric service, and new lighting fixtures are just a few of the upgrades performed. The renovated Beach House will complement last year’s Whihala enhancements which include several lookouts and foot shower stations, bike trail LED lighting, and additional parking.

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Commercial Development – New Businesses

The complete rehabilitation of six luxury apartment units at 1421 and 1423 119th Street was completed last year.  All are occupied by new residents. This year, the commercial space on the ground floor is being custom built out for tenants.  The Burrito Stop will occupy 1421 119th, while Comfort Roast Coffee Shop will occupy the corner at 1425 119th.  The Burrito Stop will feature fast casual Mexican food, while Comfort Roast will be a classic full service coffee shop.

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The demolition of properties purchased by the Redevelopment Commission continues in the Stadium District to create open space for future development. Additional demolitions of derelict or underutilized properties continue throughout the City.  So please, don’t be alarmed—these demolitions are part of the plan!

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Lakefront Development

Several Lakefront Park projects have greatly increased the usage of our Lakefront Park and Whihala Beach by local residents and visitors alike. Last year an event area was added to respond to this increased demand for usage. The event area’s purpose is to facilitate larger events and is available to rent for your family get together.  Its design includes new lighting and power sources that can accommodate a wide variety of entertainment venues. Please contact the Park Department for more details.

The Whoa Zone at Whihala, Whiting’s Wibit water park adventure, is creating quite a splash.  The reviews of the Whoa Zone have been very positive. The Whoa Zone is basically a floating water park/playground area.  Naturally, kids love it, but adults do too.  For the fitness enthusiast, it’s a great way to replace a boring workout with something much more fun and diversified.  Additional recreation and convenience items are available as rentals.  This includes kayaks, stand up paddle boards, beach chairs and umbrellas.  The Whoa Zone is scheduled to be open until September 4th.  The advertised cost is $20.00 for a one hour session, but there are plenty of discounted price specials.  Please visit for complete information on the Whoa Zone at Whihala.

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New York Avenue Housing Development

The construction and sales of fine quality homes along the 1900 block of New York Avenue is complete.  All planned lots in the 1900 block have been purchased and have new homes built on them.  The project is now extending to the next block south, with lots for new home construction coming available as future acquisitions by the Redevelopment Commission take place. This will happen slowly over the next few years, so be patient until the opportunities for progress present themselves.

If you have any questions about the development, please call Bruce Stolman at 219 659 7700.

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Ace Hardware Store

Ace Hardware has officially opened. The store is located at 2031 Indianapolis Blvd.  This modern 13,500 square foot store features a garden center, paint, and lumber in addition to the usual hardware inventory.

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Mascot Hall of Fame

The Mascot Hall of Fame is scheduled to open early summer of 2018.  Building construction will be completed in the spring of 2018, followed by the creation of the interior exhibits. The MHOF will increase visitation to Whiting/Robertsdale and spawn additional tourist related business activities.

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