Whiting, Indiana



Oil City Stadium

Standard Diamonds Park
1700 119th Street
Whiting, Indiana
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Whiting's Baseball History

The City of Whiting is rich in baseball history.  The following individuals have either played professional baseball or have achieved a significant baseball related accomplishment during their careers.

  1. Elliott Bajda
    Accomplishment: 2011 North-South State All-Star
    Team: Whiting High School

  2. Laurence Joseph Fritz (Zeb)
    NCAA College World Series Champion
    Arizona State University: 1969
    Years Played: 1969 -1975
    Teams: New York Mets - Philadelphia Phillies Organizations

  3. Joe Grdina
    Years Played: 1938-1940
    Teams: Cleveland Indians - NY Giants - Washington Senators Organizations

  4. Joe Gasper
    Years Played: 1939-1940
    Teams: Cleveland Indians Organization

  5. Joe Gulvas
    Years Played: 1949-1953
    Teams: Brooklyn Dodgers Organization

  6. Jim Homco
    Years Played: 1947
    Teams: Chicago White Sox Organization

  7. Gregory Joseph Jancich
    Years Played: 1958-1963
    Teams: Cincinnati Reds Organization

  8. Stanley J. Justak
    Years Played: 1939
    Teams: Cleveland Indians Organization

  9. Matt Kobli
    Accomplishment: 2006 North-South State All-Star
    (only known WHS player to accomplish the feat)
    Team: Whiting High School

  10. Steve Charles Kraly (Lefty)
    Years Played: 1953
    Teams: World Champion New York Yankees

  11. Andrew Loomis
    Years Played: 2008-Present
    Teams: Florida Marlins Organization

  12. Philip J. Mateja
    Years Played: 1953-1958
    Teams: Washington Senators - Chicago White Sox Organizations

  13. Richard W. McConnell (Rick)
    Years Played: 1971
    Teams: Chicago White Sox Organization

  14. John Anthony Mostil (Bananas)
    Years Played: 1918-1929
    Teams: Chicago White Sox Organization

  15. Alfred James Pilarcik
    Years Played: 1956-1961
    Teams: Kansas City - Baltimore - Chicago White Sox

  16. John Strabavy (Peanuts)
    Years Played: 1930
    Teams: Norton Jayhawks, NESL

  17. Stan Surdy
    Years Played: 1950
    Teams: Philadelphia Athletics Organization

  18. Andrew Thomas, Jr.
    Years Played: 1965
    Teams: Drafted by the Chicago White Sox Organization

  19. Andrew Thomas, Sr.
    Years Played: 1939
    Teams: Cleveland Indians Organization