Explosive Device in Box (9-28-14)

Officers were detailed to the 1800 block of Indianapolis Blvd. in reference to a resident finding what appeared to be an explosive device in a box.  The building was evacuated and the Fire Department was staged on standby at 119th Street and Indianapolis Blvd.  Officers closed off Indianapolis Blvd. from 119th Street to Atchison Avenue.  Porter County Bomb Squad was notified and the Lake County Sheriff’s department bomb dog also notified.  Hammond PD was requested to assist with traffic control at 119th Street and Atchison Avenue until Whiting EMA could arrive on the scene.  Capt. McNinch, Lt. Abner, Sgt. Greer and Chief Miller were advised.  Officer Haven from Porter County Sheriff’s Department took into his possession what appeared to be a fragmentation grenade.  ATF Agent Jason Gore arrived on the scene and all information was given to him.  Officers spoke with the resident who advised officers that he found the package I the alley on Friday and took it into his apartment and then called police on Sunday.  Porter County Sheriff’s Department will dispose of the item.