Possible Theft (7-14-15)

An employee of George Corman Heating and Plumbing located at 1865 Indianapolis Blvd. reported that while he was collecting tools in the basement of the building he heard a subject say to get all the tools.  The employee reported that an unknown subject entered the building by sliding down the coal shoot.  The complainant advised that he overheard one of the subjects say to make sure he gets all the tools.  The employee then turned on the light and confronted the subject and asked what they were doing.  They answered getting tools.  The employee then told them they were not allowed in the basement.  One of the subjects was a w/m wearing a white shirt and shorts and the other a m/b with dreadlocks.  The complainant advised that he recognized the subjects as the ones who helped the person in apt. two move out.  Officers checked the area with negative results and advised the employee if he sees them back at the property to call the WPD.