Suspicious Subjects Attempting to Cash Check (6-11-15)

An employee from Liberty Savings Bank reported that two suspicious subjects attempted to cash a check at the bank.  One of the subjects stated that he was a professional hockey player and both admitted that they were high level ADHD and schizophrenic.  One of the subjects was a M.W 6’4″ wearing flag shorts and the other had on a red t-shirt with the word Toledo on it.  The complainant stated that they also might be in trouble with U Haul about a vehicle that was rented from Ohio was spray painted.  The two subjects were last seen walking towards McDonalds.  Officers checked the area and the subjects were gone upon their arrival.  officers located the U Haul parked in the 1700 block of Standard Avenue the wrong way.  Officers reported that the vehicle had graffiti and the rear license plate was missing.  Officers towed the vehicle.