Theft at Family Dollar (4-26-15)

An employee from Family Dollar reported a female with long brown hair wearing PJ bottoms took off in a Gold Jeep down the alley towards the theater.  The complainant reported that the female had dropped make-up as she was leaving.  The employee advised that she is not sure on what exactly was taken but the females purse was full of items.  Officers located the vehicle in the 1800 block of Oliver Street and the female in the 1900 block of New York Avenue.  Officers returned the female back to Family Dollar and she was identified as the suspect in the theft.  Officers arrested Jennifer Rickman of 1842 Oliver Street, Whiting, IN for PC Conversion she was transported to the Whiting PD and placed in lock up.  Family Dollar contacted the Whiting PD and advised they have a copy of the security tape ready to be picked up.