Street & Sanitation Department

The City of Whiting Street and Sanitation Department is dedicated to providing efficient service to the citizens and business community of Whiting.

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Services Provided by the Department

  • Garbage Pick-up
  • Rubbish Pick-up
  • Hazardous Waste
  • Recycling Pick-up
  • Street Sweeping
  • Snow Removal
  • Sign maintenance & installation
  • Pot Hole maintenance


  • Dumpster Box Placement (Any size truck)$200.00. Must be paid prior to placement • For residents only.
  • Regular Size Dump Truck Use for Trash Removal – $50.00 • Must be paid prior to placement • For residents only
  • Large Size Dump Truck Use for Trash Removal – $80.00 • Must be paid prior to placement • For residents only
  • Excessive Waste Disposal will be billed in accordance with hourly rate.

General Information

Garbage and Recycling Pick-Up

Occurs once a week. Weeks during which a Holiday occurs will follow a modified schedule of our pick-ups. We will overlap pick up days to make up for the time off. After a holiday, the trash and recycling collections returns to the normally scheduled days. All house garbage placed in a tote must be bagged and placed in the designated trash tote. All recyclable items should be placed into the tote with a brown lid. Please refer to the City of Whiting Recycling Program for recyclable materials.

Rubbish Pick-Up
Beds, furniture, etc. should be placed in the alley. For a large quantity of items, it is preferred that the resident rents a city truck and loads it up. Contact the Clerk-Treasurer’s Office (219-659-3100)  and schedule a date with our staff at Public Works. We separate metal, wood, construction material, and general rubbish. The more separated you keep it, the easier it will be for the crews to remove the material from the alleys. DO NOT PLACE CONSTRUCTION MATERIAL IN TOTES. Place construction material in contractor bags or sturdy boxes.

**Place all rubbish items and yard waste bags in the alleys. Do not place street side or on parkways.**

Grass clipping should be placed in brown paper bags or biodegradable bags. Keep out of totes.

Leaves should be placed in brown paper bags or biodegradable bags. Keep out of totes.

**Loose piles of un-bagged grass or leaves will not be picked up by the City. Residents placing loose piles of grass or leaves in the alley, garbage carts, or recycling carts will be notified.**

Branches should be cut down to a manageable size for the crews to load up. Keep out of totes.

Our yard waste material stays separated at our facility to be properly disposed of. Try not to mix with garbage or rubbish – see below for examples of Rubbish and Yard Waste.

Hazardous Waste
The City of Whiting no longer picks  up household hazardous waste materials placed in the alley. All hazardous waste materials must be taken to the Lake County Hazardous Waste Collection Events either within the City Limits or at other locations throughout Lake County.

Click here for the schedule which lists the locations, times, and dates of the Lake County Hazardous Waste Collections. This site will also list the items that will be accepted along with those items not accepted.  Please keep these items out of the alleys until you can properly dispose of them at one of the Lake County Hazardous Waste Collections.  Check back using the link above to view the current scheduled collection events.

Please do your part to dispose of these hazardous materials properly. If you have any questions about dates or items, please contact Whiting Streets and Sanitation at 219-659-1219.

Snow shoveling and removal
Keep out of street as much as possible. Place on parkway if applicable or pile it up out of the way or off to the side. Snow thrown into streets and alleys will be plowed back. Our goal is to make the streets safe and drivable. If there is a large snow event, we will be removing as much as we can as best as we can.

Electronics Recycling
Residents of Lake County Indiana can drop off old electronics at our Public Works facility. Please call beforehand.

Street Sweeping
The street sweeper will be out as much as possible. As long as weather permits.

Sign maintenance and installation
Please contact Public Works to report any sign issues.

Pothole Maintenance
Crews will be out periodically throughout the year. Contact Public Works with any pothole issues.

Examples of Rubbish:

  • Paint Cans
  • Old Wood/Lumber
  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • House Hold Items
  • New Construction Material – Homeowner Only with Permits

Examples of Yard waste:

  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves
  • Branches
  • Miscellaneous Vegetation
  • “Clean” dirt/soil – small amount in bags so they are easily lifted


Contact Information

Whiting Street and Sanitation Department
1915 Front Street
Whiting, IN 46394
Phone:  219-659-1219
Fax: 219-473-4643