Alternative Energy – Tab 2

  • Start small. Here are portable solar-powered laptop chargers.
  • If you are looking for a new car, purchase an electric or hybrid. “Flex Fuel” vehicles run on E85 at your regular gas stations (85% ethanol, made from corn, and 15% gasoline), so it’s not only CHEAPER but also better for the environment.
  • Install solar panels on your home or business. Check the yellow pages for installers or even DIY… for a few hundred bucks you can build your own solar-powered heater or power generator. There are numerous simple, cost-effective ways to do solar panels for your home here.
  • Take a minute to call your local electric company: more than 750 of those in the U.S. offer renewable energy to current consumers to help you get started with solar panels, windmills, and ground source heat pumps.