Energy Conservation – Tab 1

The City has taken several steps to reduce its energy costs, saving a projected $28,000 per year in utility expenses after the implementation of a 2009 Energy Efficiency Project. The scope of this project included analyzing our current facilities and identifying the areas where the energy could be saved. Most of the improvements came in the area of lighting and HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems.

You can see a detailed breakdown here.

We are currently also implementing a program to retrofit all of the City’s ornamental street lights with new LED fixtures. This technology is relatively new for street lights, but estimates project that our lighting costs can be reduced by over 50% after each light is converted. The City is currently budgeting $25,000 annually to install the LED fixtures and over the next 7 years expect to have all of the lights converted to these highly energy efficient lighting fixtures. All future lighting projects specifications will also require LED fixtures.