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Whiting is honored to have received the IACT Green Community of the Year Award for seven consecutive years (2010-2016) for communities with a population of 5,000 or less. View the associated press release for 2010 by clicking here.

Whiting was named winner of the 2007 IACT Community Achievement Award for its Alley Recycling Program (Watch the Video  |  More Info Here).

Whiting Recycling Videos
Various videos produced about our award-winning recycling program.

The City’s recycling program is a single stream collection system, which allows the City to pick up co-mingled recyclables with a designated packer (garbage truck). 65-gallon rolling carts allow easy recycling of paper, cardboard, tin, aluminum, plastic, and glass. View a video of a Single Stream Recycling operation very similar to our disposal firm’s operation by clicking here.

Recycling Centers in Whiting:

  • Obsolete Electronics – Whiting City Garage, 1915 Front Street
  • Household Batteries (alkaline, nickel-cad, lithium, etc.) – Whiting City Hall, 1443 119th Street
  • Used Printer Toner and Ink Jet Cartridges – Whiting City Hall, 1443 119th Street
  • General Recycling Drop Off Center – Strack & Van Til, 1836 Calumet Avenue