Recycling – Tab 2

  • Instead of throwing electronics in the garbage, please recycle at the Whiting City Garage, 1915 Front St., 219-659-1219. Most electronics (i.e. computers & parts, TV’s, VCR’s, DVD players, microwaves, cell phones and more), can be recycled. More info here.
  • Place paper (i.e. newspapers, magazines, junk mail, catalogs, phone books, computer paper) loose in recycling cart or brown paper bag.
  • For cardboard materials, please remove all Styrofoam & non-cardboard packing material before recycling.  These materials are not currently accepted by our recycling firm and should be discarded with the regular trash.  Accepted  materials include corrugated shipping boxes, pop & beer cases, cereal & food boxes, paper towel & toilet tissue core tubes, gift boxes.  After any Styrofoam is removed, flatten and place in or beside recycling cart.
  • Labels can be left on cans & bottles; please remove caps, rinse and flatten. Place tin/aluminum (i.e. aluminum, bimetal & tin cans, pie tins), plastic (i.e. 2-liters, soda & Gatorade bottles, milk jugs), and glass (i.e. clear/brown/green glass bottles & jars) loose in recycling cart.
  • Please do not use plastic grocery bags or plastic garbage bags.