Vehicle Use & Fuel Conservation – Tab 1

Whiting’s awareness to become “more green” encourages continued reduction in air pollutants. Effective March 1, 2010, we enacted a new Vehicle Idling Policy intended to address three issues facing the City of Whiting — air pollution, vehicle fuel expense, and vehicle service life. This policy is adhered to by City of Whiting employees, who can play an important role in improving air quality, reducing fuel expense and extending a vehicles life-span by limiting the amount of time engines are allowed to idle. You may read more about the City’s policy here.

The City has also implemented a new fuel monitoring system to track all vehicle fuel consumption. The new system not only prevents inappropriate fuel usage, but it also helps identify poorly operating vehicles that are wasting fuel.

The City has also implemented a new vehicle purchasing strategy that will add more alternate and flex fuels to our municipal fleet. E-85 squad cars and more fuel efficient pick-up trucks have been already been purchased. In October of 2010, the City installed a new E-85 fueling station at the City Garage on Front Street. This new fueling station will now provide E-85 capable vehicles a consistent and reliable supply of the E-85 alternate fuel. Hybrid trucks are also now being considered.

The City has established two vehicle charging stations within the park for public use. Read the first summary report illustrating use and fuel savings here.