Water Conservation – Tab 1

The City of Whiting Utilities Department has implemented a plan to aggressively replace older water distribution piping throughout the city. Ensuring the integrity of these underground systems will minimize water losses due to leakage. The department has also implemented a systematic meter replacement program to ensure that all utility meters are functioning properly. Maintaining accurate meters allows for an accurate analysis of our system’s “water balance” which can help identify water losses throughout the system.

Programs to help our residents and water customers reduce their personal consumption are also being considered. Ensuring our water streams remain clean is also an important part of our “Green Initiative” Program. Please review the related tips by clicking on the “What You Can Do” link at the top of the page.

Both the new Standard Diamonds Baseball Stadium and the new Municipal Sports Complex on 117th Street will utilize well water irrigation systems. These new wells will be used to water and maintain the field surfaces while reducing the use of thousands of gallons of treated lake water each year. Not only will these systems reduce the cost of operation, but they are an environmentally sound practice as well.