Commemorative Benches Sold Out


Welcome to the New Website!

The City of Whiting is proud to unveil our new website!   Read More

Pet Tag Deadline – Whiting

Just a friendly reminder that Whiting residents are required by City of Whiting Ordinance to obtain a pet tag before March 31st of each year.   Read More

Community Center Closes

As of January 1, 2014, the Whiting Community Center has been closed for renovation. The renovation is estimated to take at least six months, during which the lobby area will be historically restored and the locker room area remodeled. The bowling alleys will give way to a modern exercise area.   Read More

Lakefront Open

The railings along the lakefront shoreline walking path have been completed. The construction fence has been removed. Enjoy experiencing the new sights and amenities of the lakefront.   Read More

Morning Noise

Many have called City Hall reporting a blasting noise often time beginning as early as 4 AM. Thanks to the help of some investigative work by a resident, the source of the sound has been identified.   Read More

Redevelopment Commission Public Hearing Presentation

The link to the presentation of the Redevelopment Commission's Public Hearing by Mayor Joe Stahura has been provided for those of you who had missed the meeting.   Read More

Possession of Illiana Hotel

The City of Whiting has officially taken possession of the former Illiana Hotel (119th Street and Atchison Avenue) via the County property tax sale process.   Read More

Park Road Reopens

The road through Whiting Park has been reopened. Although not fully complete, the lakefront progress can be best viewed from the road. The road will be open throughout the winter, but the active construction areas will still be fenced off preventing access.   Read More

Whiting Fares Well in Ethics Report

The Shared Ethics Advisory Commission has recently released the results of the 2012 survey of its member communities' employees.   Read More

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