WPD Crime Watch

Alleged Arm Robbery

On August 24, 2016 at approximately 06:54 am a resident in the 1900 block of Clark Street reported an alleged armed robbery.  The suspect entered his backyard, pointed a handgun at the victim and stole $17 USC and an IPhone.  The matter is under investigation.  Anyone with information please contact the detective bureau at 219-659-2131.

Drug Activity (9-23-15)

Dispatched received a call of drug activity use and sales in the 2000 block of Indianapolis Blvd. second floor.  Officers were detailed to the residence and reported that no one would answer the door.

Damage to Garage Door (9-22-15)

A resident in the 1400 block of 119th Street reported damage to his garage door.  Officers spoke with the complainant who advised that the damage was possibly done by the next door neighbors.

Shoplifter (9-22-15)

An employee from Family Dollar reported that a B/F wearing a sweat suit and carrying a blue shoulder bag left down the alley after shoplifting.  WPD was detailed and reported negative results on the female.  Officers reported that the employee advised it is unknown what items were taken.

Possible Drug Exchange (9-21-15)

An employee from Walgreens reported that in the parking lot a H/M in an Ocean Blue Chevy is doing a drug exchange with an H/F wearing a Hello striped Hello Kitty Shirt.  The caller reported that the vehicle is heading south on Indianapolis Blvd. and the female is walking towards the YMCA.  Officers checked the area with negative results.

Arrest – FTA for Conversion (9-21-15)

Lt. Abner and Sgt. Greer arrested Seth R Springstein of 3928 Oak Street, East Chicago, IN on a warrant out of Whiting City Court for FTA for Conversion.  He was transported tot he WPD from East Chicago PD.  He was placed in lock up pending court and will be held on a warrant out of Crown Point for FTA on Conversion charges.

Police Radio Stolen From Police Car (9-21-15)

Capt. J. Sotello reported that persons unknown stole the police radio out of PD Unit 3.  The vehicle was parked on White Oak Avenue in the rear of the police station.  Unknown when the theft had occurred.

Hammond PD Requests Assistance (9-20-15)

Hammond PD requests assistance in the area of 119th Street and Calumet Avenue in reference to a fight in progress.  The fight involved approx. 6 subjects and Hammond had two cars on the way.  Sgt. Hale checked the area and reports negative results.  Subjects were GOA upon his arrival.

Hammond PD Requests Assistance (9-20-15)

Hammond PD requests assistance with a reckless driver in a black vehicle with Indiana Plates possibly at 5 points.  Officers reported checking the area with negative results.

Vehicle Hit Pole (9-20-15)

Whiting PD was detailed to an accident in the front of the Whiting Care Clinic to a report that a vehicle hit a pole.  Officers dispatched and requested registration check on the vehicle.  The vehicle came back registered to a subject from the 1500 block of Calumet Avenue.  Officers reported no injuries and Nipsco to be notified to check the pole.  Officers arrested Rito Maciel Jr. of 1517 Calumet Avenue for Driving While Suspended (prior) and Expired License.  Air One was notified for the tow and Whiting PD arrested the subject and he was transported to the Whiting PD pending bond.

Subjects Throwing Rocks (9-19-15)

An employee from the El Ranchito Market at New York Avenue and John Street reported that two B/F's and 4 B/m's juveniles were throwing rocks at the windows after one of the females came in and exchanged words with the caller.  The subjects were heading towards John Street.  Officers checked the area with negative results.

HPD Advises Possible Altercation (9-19-15)

Hammond PD reported receiving a call from a male subject at the BP Gas Station at New York Avenue and Indianapolis Blvd. reporting that 4 M.H in a Blue Ford Taurus pulled a gun out on him.  The caller reported that they also shouted racial slurs at him.  Hammond advised for officers to keep an eye out for the vehicles and occupants.

Possible Home Break In (9-17-15)

A resident in the 1800 block of Pennsylvania reported that a F/W and a W/M just broke into the house across the street.  Lt. Abner, Lt. Tobias and Ofc. Macon were detailed to the scene.  Officers reported locating both parties involved.  Officers reported that they are friends of the home owners son and they are house sitting for the family and they had locked the keys to the house inside.  Officers advised that they went through a window.  All clear.

Possible Vehicle Break In (9-17-15)

Dispatch received a call of a H/M in a white shirt rummaging through a car and the caller believes that the car is not his.  Lt. Tobias and Ofc. Macon advised that the subject known to them in a black Chevy Malibu.  Officers reported that the vehicle belongs to the subjects wife.

Theft From Yard (9-15-15)

A resident in the 1700 block of Oliver Street reported a theft from her back yard.  Ofc. Macon reported speaking with the complainant who reported three large bags of aluminum cans were taken.  Each bag contained approx. 200 aluminum cans.

Suspicous Subject Near Kindergarten Building (9-15-15)

An employee from Nathan Hale reported that near the kindergarten building that there is a suspicious male subject with long hair in a ponytail and carrying a back pack looking into cars.  Offices were dispatched to the area and reported negative results.

Burglary at City Garage (9-15-15)

Whiting PD was dispatched to the City Garage in reference to a burglary that had been committed.  Officers reported that persons unknown went behind the City Garage and removed a piece plywood that was covering the rear window to gain entry.

Catalytic Converter Stolen (9-14-15)

A resident in the 2100 block of New York Avenue reported a theft from his vehicle.  Officers reported that persons unknown has stolen the catalytic converter from his 1997 Pontiac.  The theft occurred between 8-7-15 and 9-14-15.

Owner Unearthed Bones (9-14-15)

A resident in the 1400 block of John Street requested officers at their property.  Sgt. Hale and Ofc. Prevatte reported that the owners of the property unearthed bones while doing yard work.  Officers reported they were animal bones.

Hammond PD Requests Assistance (9-14-15)

Hammond PD requests assistance BP Gate 42.  Sgt. Hale reported that Hammond PD handled.

Suspicious Subject (9-14-15)

Whiting PD was detailed to the area of the 2400 block of Schrage Avenue in reference to a male subject sitting in a green Chevy Blazer for over an hour.  Ofc. Prevatte spoke with the driver who lives in the 2400 block of Schrage Avenue who fell asleep after working midnights.  The owner went into the house.

Hammond PD Requests Assistance (9-14-15)

Hammond PD requests assistance at the Luke Gas Station in reference to a disturbance about gas.  Officers reported that Hammond PD handled.

Theft at Walgreens (9-13-15)

An employee from Walgreens reported a theft had occurred.  the complainant advised that a M/B wearing a black jacket and black pants and sunglasses carrying a bag full of baby items.  Sgt. Sopo advised that he located the subject who took off running and dropped the bag of items.  The items were returned to Walgreens.

Vehicle Vandalism (9-13-15)

A resident from Wilmington, N.C. reported the windshield was broken out of his car.  The complainant advised that since the incident the check engine light is coming on and the car is running sluggish.  Officers advised the back window was also broken out.  The incident occurred in the 1800 block of Cleveland Avenue.

Door Opened Vacant House (9-13-15)

An anonymous caller reported that the front door to a house in the 2500 block of White Oak Avenue is open.  Officers reported that the house is located at 2519 White Oak Avenue and the house4 is abandoned and to contact the land lord to board up the same.