WPD Crime Watch

Accident (4-8-15)

Capt. McNinch took a report of an accident that had occurred on 4-7-15 at approx. 1352 hrs. at the corner of 126th and Schrage Avenue.  The vehicle involved was a 1997 Toyota with Indiana Plates.  The vehicle came back registered to a female from the 2500 block of Schrage Avenue, Whiting, IN.  A City Street Department employee witnessed the accident as the driver of the vehicle hit a street pole and then left the scene after attempting to right the pole.  The driver of the vehicle is also a resident from the 2500 block of Schrage Avenue.  Chief Miller along with Lt. Tobias and Officer Macon located the hit and run vehicle in the 2500 block of Schrage Avenue and requested Air One to tow the same.

Subject Turned Himself In (4-7-15)

Zachery R Higgins of 4407 Sheffield Avenue, Hammond, IN reported to the Whiting PD to turn himself in on a warrant out of Whiting City Court for FTA Resisting Law Enforcement and a warrant out of Lake Station for Conversion.

Possible Break In (4-6-15)

Whiting PD was detailed to the 2800 block of Schrage Avenue to a report of an unknown person trying to gain entry through a screen door.  Sgt. Greer advised speaking with the complainant who advised the subject was a male wearing blue jeans and a gray shirt.  Officers checked the area with negative results.

Shoplifter At Walgreens (4-6-15)

An employee from Walgreens reported a shoplifter in the store.  Officer Trinidad located the female from Chicago and requested a warrant check on the same.  The warrant check came back clear and she was removed from the store and advised not to return or an arrest would be made.

Cross Stolen from St. John the Baptist (4-6-15)

Sgt. Hale advised that he was out of the car in the 1800 block of Indianapolis Blvd. with several subjects that had stolen the cross from St. John The Baptist Church and requested Hammond PD at the scene.  Sgt. Hale advised that he had two female subjects in custody and three male subjects fled on foot.  Hammond arrived on the scene and took the two female subjects into custody.  Officers checked for the males subjects that were wearing all black.

Hammond PD Requests Assistance (4-5-15)

Hammond PD requests assistance in the 2300 block of Indianapolis Blvd. to a female caller from Hammond to advise that there are several B/M subjects walking around in her front yard.  It is unknown is any weapons are involved. Hammond called back to advise officers to disregard.

Accident (4-5-15)

Whiting PD wad detailed to an accident in the area of 129th Street and Indianapolis Blvd.  Ofc. Prevatte advised that the accident is at the BP Gate 15 and is in East Chicago, IN.  East Chicago PD was advised and officers stood by until East Chicago PD arrived on the scene.

Gunshots (4-5-15)

Officers Prevatte advised that he heard 3-4 gunshots in the area of 119th Street and Reese.  Officers requested that Hammond PD be notified.  Whiting PD then received a call from a subject in the area of the 1800 block of Stanton Avenue that they heard approx. 5 gunshots in that area.

Vehicle Break In (4-4-15)

A resident in the 1500 block of 121st Street reported that persons unknown broke into her 2006 Toyota Corolla and ransacked it.  Unknown if anything was taken.

Vehicle Vandalism (4-4-15)

Sgt. Sopo reported that during patrolling he came across a damaged vehicle in the 1700 block of LaPorte Avenue.  Officers reported that the vehicle had four slashed tires and a broken windshield.  The vehicle is a Red Mini Cooper with Florida plates.

Attempt Garage Break In (4-4-15)

Whiting PD was detailed to the rear of the 2000 block of Indianapolis Blvd to a resident reporting that an unknown subject was attempting to gain entry to his garage with a knife.  The complainant reported that he is armed and that if the subject gained entry to the garage he was ready to take action.  Officers reported that this is a verbal altercation between neighbors who stated that they had gang affiliation.  The complainant reported that the neighbor had caused three holes in his garage door with the knife.  Officers reported that both of the subjects are intoxicated and advised them to file a report when they are sober.

Graffiti (4-3-15)

Detective Sgt. Greer radioed in that there is fresh graffiti  on the building in the 1200 block of 119th Street.  Sgt. Greer will handle the clean up.

Disturbance At Game Time II (4-3-15)

Whiting PD was detailed to Game Time II in reference to a call from the bartender stating that there is a female throwing bottles around.  Ofc. Prevatte reported that there had been a fight inside the bar.  Officers reported that all subjects inside the bar are leaving for the night.

Possible Smoke From Building (4-2-15)

An employee from Paradise Liquors reported that she seen smoke coming from the roof of Bull Dog Brewery.  Whiting FD and PD units were detailed to investigate.  Sgt. Stelow reported that the smoke was coming from the Robertsdale area and he would investigate further.  Officers reported that the smoke is coming further than Wolf Lake.

Malnourished Dog (4-2-15)

Dispatched received a call of a severely malnourished pit bull running around in a yard in the 1400 block of 121st Street.  Animal Control was notified and arrived on the scene and requested officers at the scene.  Officers spoke with the owner.  Officers reported that the dog was fine.

Suspicious Subject (4-2-15)

Dispatch received a call from an unknown person reporting a suspicious M/B subject wearing a gray hoodie in the 1400 block of Fischrupp Avenue.  Officers were detailed to check the area and reported negative results.

Theft of Cell Phone (4-2-15)

A resident from the 2800 block of New York Avenue reports the theft of his Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone.  The phone was taken from the 1200 block of 120th Street.

Stealing Traffic Cones (4-2-15)

Sgt. Butler came across a male subject stealing traffic cones in the area of Atchison Avenue and Indianapolis Blvd.  Sgt. Butler requested a warrant check on the subject who came back clear.  The officer arrested Juan F Popoca of 1530 Shell Street, Hammond, IN for Public Intoxication and Criminal Conversion.  He was transported to the Whiting PD and placed in lock up pending bond or sobriety.

Suspicious Subject (4-2-15)

An unknown person called to report a suspicious subject standing in the alley in the 1600 block of LaPorte Avenue.  Officer Prevatte reported speaking with the subject who lives there who was smoking a cigarette in the alley.

Cell Phone Theft (4-2-15)

Officer Prevatte responded to a reported theft of a Samsung Galaxy S4 cell phone in the area of the 1200 block of 120th Street.  Officers reported that the reporting person was highly intoxicated and was advised to contact the police in the morning.

Disturbance (4-2-15)

Whiting PD was detailed to the area of Sportsman's Corner in reference to a disturbance.  Officers checked the area with negative results.  No one was around upon their arrival.

Victim of Robbery (4-1-15)

A resident in the 1400 block of Fischrupp Avenue reported that her daughter was the victim of a robbery that occurred at Deals.  The complainant reported that her daughter was approached by a W/M all black clothing and a W/F all black clothing and a W/ F wearing a gold hat and green sweater.  The W/M subject was armed with a gun and taken was a black HTC Cricket phone.  According to the caller the suspects live in an apartment behind 1417 Fischrupp Avenue.  All units were detailed to the area.  Deals was contacted to see if they have anything on the security cameras.  Attempts were made to ping the hone with negative results.  The victim identified the female as the offender in the theft.  An investigation is ongoing.

Possible Battery (3-28-15)

A resident in the 1900 block of Clark Street reported that there was a female laying on the ground in front of his house.  The complainant stated that he witnessed a male subject hit the female and the leave the area in a Pontiac GM.  Officers were detailed to the scene and advised that the female had left the area but she was wearing blue jeans and a blue sweater.  Officers checked the area with negative results.

Loud Disturbance (3-28-15)

Dispatched received a call of a loud disturbance in the 1400 block of 119th Street in the alley.  The caller advised that it was males and females involved.  Sgt. Sopo checked the area with negative results.

Mischievous Juveniles (3-28-15)

A caller advised that there are a large group of juveniles running through the yards in the 1700 block of Center Street.  The caller advised that she told the kids not to run in the yards due to the damage that it causes.  Sgt. Sopo checked the area with negative results and that the only juveniles that he had seen are three little girls at the baseball field.