WPD Crime Watch

Fight (3-15-15)

An anonymous caller called the WPD to report two females involved in a physical fight at the corner of 119th Street and Sheridan Avenue.  Officers checked the area with negative results.

Possible Break In (3-14-15)

A resident in the 1500 block of 121st Street reported that persons unknown attempted to gain entry to her basement.  Officers reported that the bench was moved from its possession.  No entry was gained.

Arrest OWI (3-14-15)

A resident in the 1900 block of Schrage Avenue called the WPD to report that his neighbor had just struck his car.  The striking vehicle was a Red 2014 Ford registered to James Kuss of 1909 Schrage Avenue.  Sgt. Hale and Sgt. Allard arrested James M Kuss of 1909 Schrage Avenue, Whiting, IN for Unsafe Movement, OWI, Operating with a BAC .08-14% and OWI (Felony Prior).  He was transported to the WPD pending transport to the Lake County Jail.  Air One towed his vehicle.

Break In of Vehicle (3-14-15)

A resident in the 1400 block of John Street reported that persons unknown entered her Blue 2005 Dodge Caravan sometime during the night.  Officers reported that the complainant advised that nothing appears to have been taken.

Possible Shoplifter (3-13-15)

Walgreen's manager called the WPD to report a possible shoplifter at the back of the store.  The subject described as a white female wearing a black T-shirt with writing on the back and has a pony tail and a 4 year old child with her.  Taken so far was an eyeliner and the empty package was placed back onto the shelf.  Officers located the female and she paid for the items that she had taken.  The female was from Chicago, IL and was escorted out of the store and advised if she ever came back to the store she would be arrested for Trespassing.

Theft (3-13-15)

A resident in the 1500 block of Fred Street reported that an unknown person broke into his shed and took a snow blower.

Medical Waste on Sidewalk

An anonymous caller reported medical waste laying on the sidewalk in front of a house in the 1200 block of 120th Street.  The caller advised that it was an IV and needles.  Ofc. Prevatte was detailed to the scene and disposed of the items.

Possible Scam

A resident from Center Street called the WPD to report a possible scam.  The complainant reported that he received a call from KJM Company requesting USC for prizes that he had won.  KJM Company left a call back number of 876-489-9403.

Problem with Ex Tenant (3-9-15)

The owner of the property in the 1400 block of 119th Street reported that he had evicted the former tenant and he is back attempting to remove the cabinets from the building.  Officers advised they spoke with the former tenant and advised him that he could only remove items that the court order stated that he could remove.

Passing a School Bus (3-9-15)

Chief Miller issued a traffic citation to Stacey L Beason from 4341 S Clark Street, Hammond, IN for Passing a School Bus while loading or unloading in the 1800 block of Oliver Street.

Subject Removing Items from House (3-9-15)

WPD was dispatched to an abandoned house in the 2800 block of Schrage Avenue to a report of a subject removing items from the house.  Sgt. Butler spoke with a subject from Knox, IN who produced a work order from C & C Service.  Dispatch contacted the company and it was confirmed that they were there to remove the heating system.  Officers requested a license plate check on a vehicle at the scene with Indiana plates.  The plates came back registered to the company.

Ex-Employee to Return Uniforms (3-9-15)

The owner of the United Dental Center located at 1332 - 119th Street reported that an ex-employee from Hammond did not return uniforms with the company logo on them and has an employee handbook.  The owner advised the employee that she needs to return these items.

Mischievous Juveniles

A resident in the 1400 block of 121st Street reported that there is a group of juveniles about a dozen running up and down the block being loud.  They were last seen going towards New York Avenue.  Officers reported that as they were arriving they were leaving the area in a Black Dodge Durango.

Loud Music Again (3-8-15)

A complainant called back again to report about the loud music from the party in the 1900 block of Clark Street.  Sgt. Allard reported that the music is not lout and the owner was advised to shut the party down for the night.

Loud Music (3-8-15)

A resident in the 1400 block of Fischrupp Avenue called in a loud music complaint coming from the 1400 block of Fischrupp Avenue/Clark Street at the side of the alley.  Officers were detailed and located a party in the 1900 block of Clark Street.  Officers spoke with the owner of the property and advised him to turn the music down.

Battered Subject (3-7-15)

A resident from Gary, IN reported that he was battered by two subjects at the laundry mat on 119th Street.  The complainant reported that two subjects wearing hoodies, one in red and the other in blue/black.  One of the subjects was extremely tall and thin around 6 ft. tall.  The complainant reported that the subjects stole some items from him.  Officers checked the area with negative results.

Possible Intoxicated Driver (3-7-15)

BP Security called the Whiting PD to report a possible intoxicated driver in a green Dodge 4dr at 119th Street and Indianapolis Blvd. Officers were detailed and stopped a Dodge registered to a subject from Chicago.  Officers requested a driver's license check on the driver who came back suspended.  Officers issued a traffic citation to the driver Heriberto Ochoa of 9728 S Houston, Chicago, IL for Driving While Suspended Infraction.  The subject had no warrants.  The passenger in the vehicle had a valid license and was advised to take over driving.

Shoplifter (3-5-15)

The cashier at Family Dollar reported a female shoplifter is inside the store.  The suspect is described as a W/F blond hair and wearing blue jeans and a small gray hoodie and her boyfriend walked outside to a vehicle.  Officers located the male subject inside a green van registered to a subject from Hammond.  Officers ran a warrant check on the male subject who was from Gary, IN who came back clear.  Officers waited for the female to leave the store and arrested Kristie N Martin of 4207 Dearborn, Hammond, IN for Conversion.  She was transported to the Whiting PD and placed in lock up pending transport to the Lake County Jail for posting of bond.

Suspicious Subject (3-5-15)

Dispatched received a call about a suspicious subject walking around in the area of 117th Street and Central Avenue.  The subject is described as wearing a blue denim jacket, gray hair, and blue jeans.  Sgt. Sopo advised that the subject lives on Schrage Avenue.  He was advised to leave the area.

Homeless Female (3-5-15)

Whiting High School called in reference to the homeless female who had been at the library and is now hanging around the school and the school is concerned she is a threat.  Officers advised that the female told the librarian that she was going to Chicago.  Officers advised that she had left the area.

Well Being Check (3-5-15)

An employee from the Whiting Library requested officers to check the well being of an elderly female who had been sleeping there since 10 am.  Capt. McNinch spoke with the female who is homeless.

Homeless Subject (3-5-15)

An employee from the Whiting Middle School called the station to report that a subject was startled as students were arriving at school.  The complainant advised that the subject was laying in the area of the door entrance to the school.  Sgt. Cooper advised that it was a homeless subject that had walked away from the area as he was arriving.

Theft of Phones (3-3-15)

A resident in the 1500 block of Steiber Street reported the theft of two phones.  The complainant reported that he had two phones shipped to his address through UPS and someone else had signed for them.

Stron Odor (3-3-15)

A resident in the 1900 block of Indianapolis Blvd reported a strong odor of cannabis coming from an upstairs apartment.  The caller stated to use the Euclid Avenue entrance.  The complainant advised that the land lord has been contacted and nothing is being done.  Officers checked the building and reported negative results.

Arrest (3-3-15)

Officers arrested Paul R Samarzia of 4801 Apt 2 C, East Chicago, IN after he turned himself in on a warrant out of East Chicago, IN.  East Chicago PD was notified and picked up the same.