WPD Crime Watch

Driver with Possible Medical Issues (3-2-15)

Sgt. Butler was detailed to the roadway in Whiting Park in reference to a driver possibly having a medical issue or was intoxicated.  Dispatch reported that an Off Duty Lake County Officer was on the scene.  The vehicle with Indiana plates came back to Rent A Car Solutions and was reported stolen to Hammond PD.  Officers contacted the Rent a Car and spoke with an employee who reported that the car was no longer stolen.  The driver was released from the scene.  Hammond PD was notified.

Arrest (3-1-15)

Sgt. Hale reported that he was out of the car with a single vehicle accident at Front and 121st Street.  Officer Prevatte assisted.  Sgt. Hale arrested Steven Jancho of 1435 Fischrupp Avenue for OWI Refusal, OWI Endangerment, Disorderly Conduct, and Resisting Arrest.  Air One towed the vehicle and the subject was transported to the Whiting PD and placed in lock up pending bond and sobriety.

Theft of Shoes (3-1-15)

Whiting PD was detailed to the 1500 block of 121st Street where a subject from the 1500 block of 121st Street reported that three black subjects stole his shoes.  Officers checked the area with negative results.  The subject who's shoes were taken was transported to the Whiting PD.

Garbage Cans Being Knocked Over (2-28-15)

A resident in the 1700 block of LaPorte Avenue reported a group of juveniles running down the alley between LaPorte Avenue and Central Avenue knocking over garbage cans.  Lt. Puhek and Sgt. Hale located the juveniles in the middle of the block and spoke with them.  The juveniles were sent back to the scene and up righted all the knocked over cans.

Complaint About Parking (2-28-15)

A resident of Davidson Place called in the PD to complain about the parking situation stemming from the party at the church hall.  The complainant overheard a teenager walking down the street saying there is alcohol being served and no one is being carded.  Officers spoke with the bartender who was carding people while officers were at the scene.  They also spoke with the security guard and the renter of the hall and they were made aware of the complaints.

Complaint of a Threat (2-28-15)

A resident in the 1400 block of John Street reported that she was taking groceries out of her vehicle and the people across the street from the party at the church building threatened to shoot her.  The complainants only description was a gold vehicle with dark tinted windows.

Hammond PD Request Assistance (2-28-15)

Hammond PD requests assistance in the 900 block of Reese Avenue to a report of two females fighting and one is armed with a shovel.  Officers reported that Hammond PD handled.

Tires Slashed (2-28-15)

A resident in the 1500 block of John Street reported that persons unknown slashed the tires on his 2001 Chrysler PT Cruiser.  The complainant advised the damage occurred during the night.

Vehicle Vandalism (2-27-15)

A resident in the 2600 block of White Oak Avenue requested officers due to vandalism to his vehicle.  Lt. Puhek reported that the rear window of a 2002 Blue Jeep Liberty was broken out within the last couple of hours.

Fight at Game Time (2-27-15)

Dispatch received a 3 911 calls from Game Time of a fight inside the middle of the bar area.  One of the subjects is wearing a black Socow jacket said that he was going to shoot the place up.  the subject was walking out of the bar with another male an a female when officers arrived on the scene.  Officers spoke with all subjects involved and a subject from Highland, IN reported that his finger had gotten bit in the altercation.  Officers advised that the subject requested no further action be taken.

Fraud (2-27-15)

A resident in the 1400 block of Steiber Street reported a Fraud.  The complainant reported that her mother-n-law took out an insurance policy on her son and signed her name on the parent consent form without her knowledge.

Smell of Smoke (2-24-15)

Whiting FD received a call from a resident in the 1700 block of Central Avenue who reported that he smells smoke in the building.  The Fire Department was dispatched and reported negative results.

Suspicious Subject (2-24-15)

A resident in the 2200 block of Indianapolis Blvd. reported that there is a male Hispanic subject lurking around the house next door that the city owns.  Officers checked the area with negative results.

Suspicious Vehicle (2-23-15)

A concerned neighbor called the Whiting PD to report a sliver Jeep sitting in Family Dollar parking lot for approx. 1 hour.  Sgt. Hale located the vehicle and spoke with the two subjects inside that were talking.  The officer requested a warrant check on both subjects who came back clear.  In speaking with the subjects they advised that they are cousins and the male half lives in the 2700 lock of White Oak Avenue.  The parties left the area in separate cars.

Strikers Being Harassed (2-23-15)

Detective Sgt. Greer spoke with a striker from Hobart, IN who reported that he and other strikers are being harassed at the lake front.  The complainant reported that he and other strikers are being photographed by a security firm that is at the location they are picketing at.  Officers spoke with the parties involved.  The security officer reported that the strikers started to take photos of his car.  Both parties were advised to avoid each other.

East Chicago PD Requests Assistance (2-22-15)

East Chicago PD requests assistance at their Police Department with an officer to operate the breathalyzer.  Sgt. Hale was detailed to East Chicago PD.

Attempted Break In (2-22-15)

A resident in the 1400 block of Fischrupp Avenue reported that persons unknown has been attempting to gain entry into her home.  The complainant advised that someone is coming up the back stairs and sliding the window during the night.  No entry was gained into the house.

Suspicious Vehicle (2-22-15)

Whiting PD was detailed to the 1500 block of Cleveland Avenue in reference to a silver vehicle with California plates circling the block and going the wrong way on Cleveland Avenue.  Officers checked the area with negative results.

Loud Music (2-21-15)

A resident in the 2000 block of New York Avenue reported that loud music is coming from the house next door to his.  Officers were dispatched to the area and spoke with the resident and the music was turned down.

Smell of Natural Gas (2-21-15)

Dispatch received a call of a natural gas smell coming from the Burton Center located at 1701 - 121st Street by the eastern entrance by the barricades.  Whiting PD and Whiting FD units were detailed and officers reported that NIPSCO will be notified.  Whiting FD reported that nothing registers on the meters and nothing hissing or bubbling but there is a definite odor in that area.  NIPSCO reported finding a valve that is leaking and the repair will be made this week.

Subjects Climbing On Ice Hills (2-21-15)

A unknown male caller reported that there is a father and a child climbing on the ice hills at Whihala Beach by the life guard building.  Sgt. Sopo was dispatched and advised that he spotted the two down by the lake front.  He will speak with the two about the danger of being on the ice hills.

Possible Shots Fired (2-20-15)

Whiting PD was dispatched to the BP gas station to a report that a male subject is locked inside due to 2 shots fired.  Dispatched called the Hammond PD to send a unit to the scene.  Sgt. Butler checked on a vehicle that was parked behind the medical center.  The vehicle, a White Pontiac came back to a female from Hammond.  Officers reported that the vehicle had been parked there for some time.  Sgt. Greer also checked the area with negative results.

Noise From Strikers (2-20-15)

Sgt. Allard called in a complaint regarding the noise coming from the strikers banging on a drum at the corner of 121st Street at BP property.  Lt. Tobias spoke with the strikers who would cease playing the drums at night.  At 1800 hrs. Sgt. Allard called in the drumming again.  Officers went back to the scene and they had a shift change and they again were advised to stop the drumming.

Complainant Over Parking Spot (2-19-15)

A resident in the 1200 block of 121st Street came into the Whiting PD to make a complainant about a neighbor over a parking spot.  The complainant reported that he parked in front of the neighbor's house who came out and threatened him over the spot that he had shoveled out.

Striker Being Video Taped (2-19-15)

Dispatch received a call from a striker at the BP Warm Water Discharge area at the edge of the rocks on the dead end road.  The complainant reported that 2 men followed them in a van video taping them.  Officers were dispatched to the area and spoke with the parties.  BP was doing the video taping.