WPD Crime Watch

Possible Threat to Striker (2-19-15)

A strike worker called into the Whiting PD to report that he was threatened by a worker at lot 9 and a gun was inferred.  The striker was given a couple of days off and was taken back to the motel.  He will be coming into the Whiting PD in the AM hours to make a report.  The subject was advised that Lot 9 is in East Chicago, IN and he has to go the East Chicago PD for the report.

Fraud (2-19-15)

A resident in the 1800 block of LaPorte Avenue reported that persons unknown filed for Indiana Unemployment Benefits using her name and information back in May of 2014.  She resides in the 1800 block of LaPorte Avenue and benefits were used in her old married name.

Suspicious Subject (2-17-15)

A resident in the 1200 block of W Fred Street reported that he was walking his dog when he was approached by 3 black males who surrounded him and asked if he had a cell phone.  The complainant advised them that he did not and they left the area east bound and possibly got into a vehicle in from of the 3rd house from the corner of Fred Street on the south side.  Officers checked the area with negative results.

Opened Package (2-17-15)

A resident in the 2200 block of Schrage Avenue reported that persons unknown had opened a package that he had received in the mail.  The report was taken and the complainant was also advised to call the Postal Service.

Stolen Vehicle Located (2-16-15)

Sgt. Hale was dispatched to the area of the 1200 block of 120th Street.  The officers met with a female who reported that she had located a vehicle that the registered owner had reported stolen to the Hammond Police.  The vehicle was a black 2003 4 door Volvo.  Hammond PD was contacted and they came to the scene and handled.

Shoplifter in Walgreens (2-15-15)

A Walgreen's employee called the Whiting PD to report that they have a shoplifter inside the store.  The complainant reported that it is a white female wearing all black and ins approx. 5'2" and possibly has a child.  The female went into the bathroom with items and did not come out with them.  The employee found the empty packages inside the store.  Officers located two subjects outside in the parking lot.  Both of these subjects were from East Chicago, IN.  Sgt. Hale located the female that was still inside the store who also was from East Chicago, IN.  The female paid for all the items that she had taken and was advised not to come back the Walgreen's.

Suspicious Vehicle (2-14-15)

A resident in the 1800 block of Central Avenue reported an occupied vehicle in Family Dollar parking lot parked by the dumpster.  The vehicle was described as a dark blue Jeep Grand Cherokee.  Officers were dispatched to the area and reported that there was no vehicle in the area at the time of their arrival.

Subjects Smoking Marijuana (2-14-15)

A resident in the 1200 block of 120th Street reported that she had just caught her son and some of his friends in her back yard smoking marijuana.  The complainant reported that they all took off running.  One of the subjects had left his cell phone behind and she was keeping it until the mother called for it.  Officers were detailed to the home of the complainant and took possession of the phone and logged it into evidence.

Theft From Family Dollar (2-14-15)

Sgt. Sopo reported being stopped by an employee from Family Dollar reporting that a subject walking down the alley had just stole something from the store.  The subject was described as a H/M in purplish pink pants and a hoodie took off running.  The officer reported that the subject was last seen in White Castle parking lot.  Officers checked the area with negative results.

Vehicle Vandalism (2-14-15)

A resident from Highland, IN reported that persons unknown damaged his vehicle.  Officers reported that the complainant had his car parked in the 1500 block of John Street and persons unknown poked both of his tires with a knife.

Vandalism (2-13-15)

A city employee reported that persons unknown have damaged the locks on the gates at Whihala Beach.  A Park employee requested extra patrols in the area.

Window Open (2-12-15)

A resident in the 2800 block of Schrage Avenue reported a rear window open in the house next door.  The complainant stated that workers were there earlier but it is unknown if anyone else is inside.  Officers confirmed the open window and will attempt to contact the company that owns the house.  Contact was made with the company and they will send someone out to secure the window.

Picketers (2-12-15)

East Chicago PD called in that the picketers on Indianapolis Blvd. at 129th Street almost caused an accident.  Officers were notified.

Impaired Driver (2-12-15)

BP Security called in an impaired driver off of Front Street driving westbound thru Whiting Park.  The vehicle is a Dodge Ram Truck with Indiana plates.  Officers checked the area with negative results.

Suspicious Vehicle (2-12-15)

A resident in the 1500 block of Fred Street reported that a red pick up truck backed up to a house and is unloading things.  Officers checked the area with negative results.

Juveniles Fighting (2-12-15)

Dispatch received several 911 calls of about 30-40 juveniles fighting in the area of Whiting Middle School.  Then they were at 117th and Oliver and then Sheridan Avenue.  The principle from the High School called to report they are now in the area of the Little League and Tennis Courts.  Sgt. Sopo  located a group behind the Bull Dog Brewery.  Officers spoke with a juvenile from Clark School who gave officers all the info on the fight and then were sent on their way.  A mother then called the Whiting PD to report that her daughter knows the name of the girl at the High School that caused the gang from Clark to come batter her.

Welfare Check (2-11-15)

An unknown caller reported a welfare check on two children who are outside with no coats on and the front door is open to the house in the 1700 block of Center Street.  Officers checked the area and reported the call unfounded.

Request for Report (2-11-15)

A resident in the 2100 block of New York Avenue came into the Whiting PD requesting a report on her daughter being threatened on Snapchat.  The complainant reported that her daughter was threatened at the school.

Vehicle Vandalism (2-11-15)

A resident in the 1500 block of Fischrupp Avenue reported that persons unknown damaged the window on her 2002 Ford SUV.  The vehicle was parked in front of her residence.

Graffiti (2-1-15)

A Park employee reported graffiti by persons unknown on the wall by the men's washroom at the Whiting Municipal Sports complex.  Sgt. Greer was notified and will clean up the graffiti.

Picketers (2-10-15)

Dispatched received a call in reference to the picketers at 129th Street and Indianapolis Blvd. blowing an air horn and is disturbing the peace.  Officers located the subject who agreed to stop for the night.

Intoxicated Subject (2-10-15)

Whiting PD was detailed to the Laundry mat in the 1500 block of 119th Street to a report of a male subject who is highly intoxicated wearing a plaid red sweater and has a bottle of Jack Daniels and is walking in and out of the business.  Officers located the subject and sent him on his way.

Harassment Over Snap Chat (2-10-15)

A resident in the 2100 block of New York Avenue came into the Whiting PD to report harassing communications over snap chat from a teen at Whiting High School.  Lt. Tobias advised the complainant to speak with school officials to have them handle the problem first.

Theft (2-9-15)

A re3sident in the 1700 block of Cleveland Avenue reported a theft at her home.  Sgt. Cooper spoke with the complainant who reported persons unknown had stolen her wedding rings.

Possible Suspicious Subjects (2-8-15)

A resident in the 1400 block of Fischrupp Avenue called to report that there are 6 subjects approx. 18-19 years of age that had broken into his house and another residents house and entered another house are smoking narcotics.  The caller stated that he did not want to shoot them but he had a gun.  Officers searched the area with negative results.  The caller appeared to sound highly intoxicated.