WPD Crime Watch

Juveniles Drinking by Football Field (9-4-15)

Capt. McNinch requested officers at the football field ticket stand in reference to two girls drinking.  Sgt. Hale and Ofc. Macon arrested two juveniles and transported the same to the WPD.  Officers notified the parents to come to the WPD to pick them up.

Vehicle Fled Area (9-4-15)

Sgt. Allard advised that he had a gray Ford Crown Victoria take off on him after he was flagged down by a M/B and a M/H in a red shirt by Family Dollar.  The subjects I the vehicle pulled a knife on them.  Sgt. Allard advised that the vehicle fled the area the wrong way on Reese and 119th Street.  Hammond PD was notified and officers could not locate the vehicle or the victims.

Subjects Possibly Buying Drugs (9-4-15)

Hammond PD reported 3 M/B subjects in a black vehicle buying drugs from a subject at the Clark Station.  The vehicle was last seen heading east bound on 119t Street.  Sgt. Allard reported a vehicle matching the description at Boulevard Discounts at 115th and Indianapolis Blvd.  Officers reported the vehicle is now heading north in Indianapolis Blvd.  Officers stopped the vehicle that came back registered to a subject from Gary, IN.  The driver of the vehicle gave officers consent to search the vehicle and no drugs were located.

Theft at Family Dollar (9-4-15)

WPD was detailed to Family Dollar in reference to a call form the store clerk reporting a theft.  Cpl. Semancik and Capt. Sotello spoke with the store clerk who reported that 3 M/B subjects left the area in a PT Cruiser heading north bound on Indianapolis Blvd.  Officers checked the area and requested assistance from Hammond PD.  Officers reported negative results.  The complainant reported that the vehicle had an unknown Out of State plate not including IL.  Offices reported that the subject left the store carrying 2 blue bins holding unknown items.

Building Vandalism (9-4-15)

The owner of the building in the 1500 block of 119th Street reported that the back door had been damaged.  Cpl. Semancik reported that in speaking with the complainant there was a party that was held in one of the apartments and the people coming to the party are responsible for the damage to the door.  The building superintendent will get a copy of the security tapes and get them to the WPD.

911 Call (9-4-15)

Whiting PD was detailed to the WPD in reference to a 911 call from a subject from the 2100 block of Lincoln Avenue stating that a subject in a white car followed him and the driver appeared to have a bloody face.  Lt. Tobias stopped the vehicle in the 1400 block of 119th Street and requested an ambulance.  The vehicle info came back to a subject from the 600 block of Stewart Court, Whiting, IN.  During the course of the investigation it was learned that the subjects were involved in a fight in the 1500 block of 119th Street.  Sgt. Sopo advised he is in route to that area to where the fight had started.  Officer Sopo reported broken bottles and blood in the area.  Investigation is ongoing.

Vandalism in the Park (9-3-15)

A Whiting Park employee requested an officer at the park near the fish pond.  An officer reported that persons unknown had broken a bench and threw it into the pond.

Subjects Grilling In Non Grilling Area (9-2-15)

WPD was detailed to Whiting Park near the sandbox by the children's playground to a call reporting that subjects are grilling in that area.  Ofc. Macon and Sgt. Hale reported speaking to the subject from Merrillville and advised them there is no grilling in that part of the park and no alcohol is allowed.  All involved cleaned up the area and left without incident.

Complainant Against Computer Store (9-2-15)

A resident in the 1500 block of Fred Street came into the police lobby to speak with an officer in reference to a computer store in the 1300 block of 119th Street.  The complainant reported that the subject in June took components from his TV and has not fixed them or his TV.  Officers spoke with the store owner and he advised that he will take care of the problem.

Subject Looking Into Cars (9-2-15)

A resident in the 1800 block of LaPorte Avenue reported a M/B subject with a mail type bag over his shoulder looking into cars in the area and then walked up to a neighbor's house.  Officers were detailed to the scene and Ofc. Macon reported speaking with a new postal worker who lost the keys to the mail truck.  Officers reported that he was attempting to locate the keys and not looking into cars.

Woman Told to Call Police (9-2-15)

Hammond PD reported speaking with a resident in the 1900 block of Atchison Avenue and she was told to call the police but could not tell the dispatcher why.  Officers were detailed and reported there is no such address that was given.  Dispatched looked up in the name file and reported that the female lives in the 2000 block of Lincoln Avenue.  Officers were detailed to that address and reported speaking to the female who reported that she was hit in the head.  Officers requested Hammond Ambulance and the HPD at the scene.

Possible Fight (9-2-15)

Ofc. Trinidad was detailed to the 1800 block of Indianapolis Blvd. in reference to a report of two intoxicated subjects attempting to start a fight with each other.  Ofc. Trinidad reported speaking to a subject from Ft. Wayne, IN and another subject from Hammond, IN.  The officer reported that neither subject wanted to make a report or talk about what had happened between them.

Home Vandalism (9-1-15)

A resident in the 2800 block of Schrage Avenue reported that the front door to his property has been kicked in.  Ofc. Trinidad was detailed and reported that the damage has already been reported.

Injured Subject (9-1-15)

Dispatch received a call about a subject in the area of St. Mary's Church wearing tan shorts and a gray tank top.  The caller reported that this subject appears to have blood on himself.  Officers were detailed and the caller reported that the subject was heading down the alley towards to Community Center.  Officers located two subjects who reported that they were chased by 4 h/m in a Chevy Suburban light blue with white in the middle.  Officers located the victims shoes in the old funeral home parking lot on Indianapolis Blvd. along with blood in the lot.  The victim was transported to the hospital.  Detective Lt. Abner was contacted and arrived at the hospital.  The investigation is ongoing.

Vehicle Ransacked (9-1-15)

A resident in the 1200 block of W. Fred Street reported her blue 2002 Toyota Sienna was ransacked sometime during the evening hours.  The complainant reported that the door was slightly left open and the contents of her glove box was scattered all over the street in front.  Officers reported approx. $30.00 dollars in USC was taken.

Arrest – FTA (8-31-15)

Ofc. Trinidad arrested Paxton Jones of 1523 Fischrupp Avenue, Whiting, IN on a FTA warrant out of Lake County.  He was transported to the WPD and placed in lock up pending transport to the Lake County Jail.

Possible Scam (8-31-15)

A resident in the 1500 block of Fred Street reported a possible scam.  Officers reported that she received a call from a Middle Eastern male stating that he was from the IRS and that she was being sued.  The suspect then asked her if she was on a home phone or a cell phone.  The complainant then hung up on the caller.

Theft At Family Dollar (8-31-15)

An employee from Family Dollar reported a W/M all black jacket with white sleeves and red lettering stole meat products from the store.  The subject was on a red moped and is heading W/B down the alley towards Indianapolis Blvd.  Officers checked the area with negative results.  The employee reported that they had confronted this subject before and he told them all he had was hot dogs and sausages and then ran out the door.

Subject Beat Up (8-30-15)

A female caller called the WPD to report that her brother was at home in the 1200 block of 121st Street and she reported that he was beat up by several male subjects.  Sgt. Allard arrived at the scene and spoke with the subject who advised him that he was beat up by subjects over his ex-girlfriend.  Requested no report.

Juvenile Mischief (8-30-15)

Whiting PD was dispatched to the alley in the 1800 block of Cleveland Avenue in reference to juvenile burning something in the alley.  Ofc. Prevatte reported juveniles are gone from the area upon his arrival but reported a small fire in the alley.  The fire was extinguished with a fire extinguisher from the squad.  Whiting FD was requested to come to the scene to down the gasoline in the alley.  Officers located the juveniles involved.

Garbage Can Fire (8-30-15)

Whiting PD and Whiting FD was detailed to the area of 118th Street and LaPorte Avenue in reference to a garbage can on fire.  Sgt. Sopo advised that the correct address is in the 1700 block of Central Avenue.  Sgt. Sopo requested dispatch contact the owner of the property in reference to damage to the garage.  Fireman Cunningham reported entering the garage through an open door to check for other damage.  WFD reported no other damage noted and dispatch reported they couldn't locate the owner due to bad phone numbers.  Fire extinguished.

Hammond Pd Requests Assistance (8-30-15)

Hammond PD requests assistance with an officer in the Unilever parking lot.  Officers advised to disregard that they had made contact with the Hammond Officer.

Intoxicated Subject (8-29-15)

WPD was detailed to Walgreens parking lot in reference to an intoxicated W/M wanting to start a fight with the caller.  Officers checked the area with negative results.  It was reported that the persons were GOA upon arrival.

Possible Threat With Gun (8-28-15)

WPD was detailed to the BP Lakefront discharge in reference to a call from a male subject in a boat that was docked in the lake there.  The complainant reported that while he and approx. 6 other guests on the boat, a person cast a fishing line with a weight on it into the boat almost hitting one of the guests.  The complainant advised that he noticed approx. 6 to 7 H/M fishing on land.  The complainant advised that he confronted them about the incident and one of them showed him a gun.  Officers reported speaking with the subjects involved and they reported that they never showed a gun and that they were threatened by one of the people on the boat for the fishing line incident.  One of the subjects did have a lifetime gun permit.  Officers advised all subjects to leave the area.

Unknown Subject in Yard (8-26-15)

A resident in the 2700 block of White Oak Avenue reported that a neighbor informed him that there is a person in his back yard looking at his trailer and his garage door was open.  Officers were detailed to the area and Lt. Tobias reported the call unfounded.