WPD Crime Watch

Graffiti (8-26-15)

Ofc. Prevatte reported graffiti on the stadium parking sign at 119th Street and Center Street.  Sgt. Greer will handle the clean up.

Theft (8-25-15)

A resident in the 1700 block of 119th Street to a report that a tenant in the building stole some cigarettes and beer from him and then threatened him.  The complainant advised that he was last seen walking towards the police station.  Officers responded to the call and go no response at the door.

Domestic (8-25-15)

Hammond PD transferred a call of a domestic between two sisters in the 1700 block of Atchison Avenue.  Hammond advised that the caller was disconnected.  Officers were dispatched to the scene and arrested Leticia Alvarado of 1742 Oliver Street, Whiting, IN.  She was transported to the Whiting PD and placed in lock up pending bond.

Fraud (8-25-15)

A resident in the 1800 block of New York Avenue called the Whiting PD to report a fraud.  The complainant reported that an unknown person opened a Comcast account in Rockford, IL.  She reported that this person used her social security number.  The complainant reported that it occurred in April 2014 thru June 2014.

Hammond PD Requests Assistance (8-24-15)

Hammond PD requested assistance with a traffic stop at the corner of 119th Street and Davis Avenue.  Officers reported that Hammond PD will handle.

Graffiti (8-24-15)

A resident in the 1900 block of Schrage Avenue to a report that persons unknown spray painted his garage.  Sgt. Greer was notified and will handle the clean up.  Sgt. Greer also reported graffiti on the RR switch box in that area.

Subject Bitten By Dog (8-24-15)

A caller requested officers at the Whiting School Bus Transportation by the football field to a report of a 55 year old male subject bitten by a dog.  Sgt. Greer issued a citation to Claudia Gomez of 1645 Center Street for Pet Restraint Required.

Graffiti (8-24-15)

A Park employee reported graffiti on the brick wall at Pocket Park on the bike trail.  Sgt. Greer was notified and will handle the clean up.

Intoxicated Subject on 119th Street (8-23-15)

An employee from White Castle reported that there is an intoxicated male subject walking in the street at 119th Street and Indianapolis Blvd.  The employee reported they are attempting to get him out of the street so he did not get hit.  Sgt. Butler advised that the subject had a laceration to his elbow but did not request any medical attention.  Officers requested a warrant check on the subject who came back clear and escorted the subject home.

Fire Pit Smoking (8-23-15)

A resident called to report something smoking in the lot at 2004 White Oak Avenue might be a fire.  Units were detailed and reported that there is some type of homemade fire pit.  Officers spoke with the owner who reported that they had a fire in the pit last night and did not get it our completely.

Panhandler (8-22-15)

Ofc. Trinidad advised that he was flagged gown about a m/b in a white shirt and baseball hat panhandling in the area of the 1700 block of LaPorte Avenue.  Officers checked the area with negative results.  The complainant called back to report that the subject had left the area in a Green Expedition driven by a white female.

Juvenile Mischief (8-21-15)

Dispatch received a call from a male subject who had caught 2 juveniles breaking out windows in the 1800 block of New York Avenue and he has the kids in the parking lot of Fischrupp Avenue and White Oak Avenue.  The complainant advised that he had the home owner on the scene as well.  Officers were detailed and advised that they checked both sides of the parking lot and could not locate the complainant.  The did locate them in the rear of Skeeter's Diner.  Officers transported both of the juveniles to the Whiting PD and were released to their parents.

Female Crying for Help (8-20-15)

A resident in the 2600 block of Birch Avenue called to report that he heard a female cry out two times for something.  Officers were detailed and reported a verbal domestic in the area and requested Hammond PD to be notified.

Garage Burglary (8-20-15)

A resident in the 1500 block of Steiber Street reported a garage burglary.  Whiting PD was detailed and spoke with the complainant who advised that unknown persons kicked in the service door to the garage.  Officers reported that four bikes were taken and some motorcycle gear taken.

Subjects Possibly Smoking Cannabis (8-18-15)

A 911 call of two kids smoking cannabis in a blue pickup truck in front of a house in the 2100 block of Schrage Avenue.  Officers located the truck and reported that no further action was taken in reference to the call.

87 Year old Woman Missing (8-18-15)

Dispatch received a call of a missing 87 year old woman who is a Alzheimer's patient from the 1700 block of 119th Street.  All officers were given a description and a computer message sent out to surrounding departments.  Ofc. Trinidad advised that he has located the female at Horizon Bank and transported the same back home.

Vehicle Theft (8-18-15)

A resident from Robertsdale reported the theft of her Silver 2009 Chevy Cobalt from Fred Street and New York Avenue.  The complainant advised that the car had front emblem plate with the letter M on it.  The vehicle also had a hub cap missing.  The vehicle was entered into the computer as stolen.  Area departments were notified.  Ofc. Prevatte advised that he has located the stolen vehicle in the rear of the Refinery Bar.  The owner was contacted and came to pick the vehicle up.  The complainant advised that her driver's license was stolen from the vehicle.

Vehicle Driving Recklessly (8-17-15)

Dispatch received a 911 call of a brown Chevy Truck with Hammond Boxing Club on the back windshield driving recklessly in the area of 121st Street and Indianapolis Blvd.   Sgt. Butler located the vehicle and requested a warrant check on the driver.  Sgt. Butler arrested Steven W Patterson of 1241 W Fred Street, Whiting, IN on a warrant for Revocation  of Probation Auto Theft.  He was also cited for Disregard to Stop Sign, Unreasonable Speed, and Endangering Pedestrians.  He was transported to the Whiting PD and placed in lock up pending transport to the Lake County Jail.

Attempted Vehicle Break In (8-16-15)

A female caller advised that there is a female Hispanic attempting to gain entry to cars parked in Walgreens lot.  The caller stated that a H/M and a female passenger wearing a yellow tank top and had a braid in her hair, took off in a red Ford Fusion with Illinois plates and went south bound on Indianapolis Blvd.  Officers checked the area with negative results.

Vandalism (8-16-15)

A resident reported that there are a group of juveniles at the park at Schrage and 125th Street climbing on the benches and have broken the same.  Ofc. Trinidad reported speaking with the juveniles about jumping on the benches.  The officer reported that the benches were already broken and not done by the kids.

Vehicle Theft (8-16-15)

A resident in the 1300 block of 121st Street reported to the station that his vehicle was stolen.  Officers reported that the vehicle was parked on the Hammond side.  The complainant was advised to contact the Hammond Police Department.

Subject Possibly Smoking Marijuana (8-16-15)

Whiting PD was detailed to Whihala Beach to a report from an employee about a w/m subject with a white tank top and black shorts and tattoo's walking around smoking marijuana.  Sgt. Sopo requested warrant checks on a subject from Oak Lawn, IL.  The subject came back clear and was advised to act accordingly while at the beach.  The subject was smoking cigarettes.

Hammond PD Requests Assistance (8-15-15)

Hammond PD requested assistance with a pursuit of a white Chevy Lumina with Illinois plates north bound on Indianapolis Blvd. from 129th Street.  Sgt. Hale advised that he would be placing stop sticks at 119th Street and Indianapolis.  Before the stop sticks could be placed in the street Hammond PD handled and located the vehicle in Chicago.

Vehicle Vandalism (8-15-15)

A resident in the 2700 block of Schrage Avenue reported damage to her vehicle.  Officers spoke with the complainant who advised that persons unknown had punctured the front and rear tires on her Black 2007 Nisssan.  The complainant advised that she had parked her car around 5 pm and has no suspects.

Possible Attempted Burglary (8-13-15)

A resident in the 1900 block of New York Avenue had a friend call her and say that a male subject was in her yard earlier and had followed her up her stairs.  The caller reported that her friend found a bar in her yard and it may have been an attempted burglary.  The resident did not call earlier because she did not speak English.  Officers responded and got no answer at the door.  The caller called back to report that this had happened in the 2300 block of New York Avenue.  Hammond PD was advised.