311 App to be Discontinued for Whiting

The City of Whiting has decided to shut down the use of the Whiting 311 App effective May 13, 2022.  The increasing cost of the use of the application outweighs the benefits we received from the reporting functions of the app.  Please note that those residents that live in Hammond (Robertsdale) that have a 46394 postal code will still have access to the 311 app from Hammond.  This change will NOT affect the Robertsdale residents.

Those residents who live in the boundaries of Whiting may contact the appropriate City Department to report issues:

General issues can be directed to City Hall by calling 219-659-7700;

Street department issues can be direct to 219-659-1219 or to TWajvoda@whitingindiana.com;

Code and Ordinance issues can be directed to 219-659-7700 or to HPeterson@whitingindiana.comr;

Parks and Recreation issues can be directed to 219-659-0860 or to Parks@whitingindiana.com;

Police issues can be directed to 219-659-2131 or to JSotello@whitingindiana.com.

You can also find information about other departments by clicking on the Government Tab from our website at www.whitingindiana.com.