Amended Legislation Will Help Whiting!!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!! On Friday, the members of the Indiana General Assembly revised House Bill 1001 in a manner that reduces the devastating consequences that were originally projected to affect Whiting. The revised bill will still force the City to make significant cuts, but I believe the reductions can now be made without being forced to literally close our doors. This is great news for all who live and work in this great community. I can also state that each any everyone of you made the difference. This week I received 100’s of emails, dozens of calls from media across the state, and heard from several legislators. Over 3800 people signed our online petition and over 2000 post cards were sent to State Representative Mara Candelaria-Reardon who has worked extremely hard on behalf of our community. Believe me when I say that this effort had a tremendous impact on the final decision of the legislature. Let me now caution you that HB 1001 is 664 pages long and we haven’t had time to digest everything in the bill yet. We know the key elements are more positive than they were before, but it will take us several days to fully assess the entire bill. Also, contrary to some media reports and some naysayer feedback, the property owners in Whiting will also still receive significant property tax relief. Even the worst case numbers show that all homeowners will still receive a 1.3% cap in 2010 and all rental and business properties will begin receiving tax reductions effective 2009. As a way to explain the details of this bill and how they impact Whiting specifically, I will be conducting a Public Forum at the Whiting High School Auditorium at 6:00 pm on April 2. I would encourage you to attend if you have any questions regarding this issue. I will gladly accept any questions from the audience after a brief presentation. I’ll save any other comments for the Public Forum on the 2nd. I just wanted to personally take the time to thank everyone for their help and congratulate you for taking a genuine interest in your community. Thank you very much, Mayor Joe Stahura