BP Sound Issue Update

The BP Whiting Refinery completed sound studies with a third party acoustical consultant earlier this summer related to sound complaints that have come from residences north of the refinery. The third party acoustical consultant submitted a report to refinery management based upon its investigations inside and outside of the refinery. The report is focused on potential sound sources in the refinery. After reviewing the results of both the internal and external acoustical studies, Project Engineers have narrowed the source of the sound to equipment associated with a required environmental project that was completed at the refinery power station in the fall of 2010. The power station is located inside the refinery at the north end of the facility. As of October 15, 2011 modifications have been completed on three of the five boilers at the power house. The boilers were retrofitted with equipment to assist in mitigating the sound from the boilers. The remaining two boilers are expected to be complete by the end of January. Refinery Management takes community issues very seriously and will work diligently to resolve this issue. BP is committed to fully cooperating with local public officials on this issue.