Burglary and Home Invasion

Officers responded to a burglary in progress in the 1800 block of Sheridan Avenue, Whiting, IN.  One officer approached the scene in the alley and another officer approached the scene in the front.  The burglary suspects attempted to leave the scene and ran into an officer in the back of the house.  Both suspects ran back in and exited out the front door and were met by another officer.  Both suspects made an attempt to flee the area where one suspect, Mario Hollins of Creek Side Drive, Plainfield, IL, was tased in the side and tackled to the ground by the officer.  The other suspect ran and was picked up in a grey Chevy Malibu in the area of Family Dollar.  The vehicle then fled the area on Indianapolis Blvd. heading north towards Chicago, IL.  The vehicle entered Chicago, IL and was last seen going on the Chicago Skyway.  Chicago PD is assisting Whiting PD with the investigation.

Mario Hollins is in custody at the Whiting Police Department and was charged with burglary, home invasion and resisting arrest and is awaiting transport to the Lake County Jail.

The information of the Illinois vehicle was obtained from the good work of a local business owner on 119th Street in Whiting, IN.