Center Street New Development

The City of Whiting through its Redevelopment Committee is pleased to announce that we are in the planning phase of a new development in the Center Street area along 119th Street in Whiting.  We have begun the process of requesting proposals from developers interested in constructing new single-family homes along the north side of old Center Street and a mixed-use building (commercial ground floor and condominiums on upper floors) on the lot north across the street from Oil City Stadium.  With the growing interest of families that would like to live in Whiting and our shortage of real estate, we feel this will be a popular option to offer new living spaces within the City.  The homes will afford a view of the beautiful Whiting Lakefront Park, Lake Michigan, and be within walking distance of the Lakefront, downtown area, School City of Whiting, Oil City Stadium, and restaurants.  The condominiums would offer even more breathtaking views of the Whiting Lakefront, Lake Michigan, and the Chicago Skyline.

As we enter this planning phase and ask interested developers to share their ideas and designs with the Committee, we will carefully consider functionality, design, parking issues, and curbside appeal of all designs presented.  Decorative lighting and landscaping will be incorporated into the design to blend well with the area and retain our dedication to maintain green spaces in the city.   We are excited to be entering this phase of development and looking forward to upgrading this area of town to showcase our beautiful Lakefront and the revitalized and improved neighborhood.

Interested and experienced developers can contact Brian Lowry at for further information.