CIF Unveils Business Property Tax Relief Package

The Community Improvement Fund Committee (CIF) has unveiled a program to provide property tax relief to business owners and business property owners. Qualified applicants can receive up to $2000 in property tax relief in 2006. If funds remain available at the end of this year’s program, the program will be extended for 2007. The program is voluntary and all businesses wishing to apply must do so by the October 31 deadline. Liberty Savings Bank, FSB has agreed to act as the application submission site. This program has been created to provide temporary relief to businesses and business property owners who were negatively impacted by property tax reassessment. Until this program, businesses and commercial property owners have not been eligible for any of the property tax relief programs because they are tied to the state Homestead Credit. This is believed to be the only business property tax relief program provided in the state. For additional information, please review the application (link provided below). Click Here to Access Application