Congratulations WPD Lifesaving Award Recipients • May 13, 2022

CONGRATULATIONS to City of Whiting Sgt Dan Macon, Patrolman Joseph Osiecki, and Patrolman Alejandro Campos.

On May 13, 2022 Sgt Dan Macon, Patrolman Joseph Osiecki, and Patrolman Alejandro Campos were Lifesaving Award recipients acknowledged by District 1 Law Enforcement Council.

On January 19, 2021 Sgt Dan Macon and Patrolman Joseph Osiecki responded to the 2300 block of White oak to assist Hammond Police Department in reference to a subject that was stabbed. During the call officers apprehended the offender. Additionally officers rendered aid to to the victim who had multiple stab wounds. Officer Osiecki quickly utilized Quickclot Combat gauze and applied pressure to the wounds. Hammond Fire Department EMT’s arrived shortly and took over medical care. The victim was airlifted to a Chicago Trauma Unit.

On March 21, 2021 Officers Joseph Osiecki and Alejandro Campos responded to Whiting Park Lakefront in reference to an individual in Distress. Officer Osieck deployed a department issued rescue ring which enabled the distressed individual to stay afloat. Officer Osiecki then proceeded to pull him closer to shoreline. Patrolman Campos ran down to the shoreline and pulled the individual onto the rocky shoreline and calmed the individual down so that he could receive further care from the Whiting Fire Department.