Election Day – Tuesday November 3, 2015

Just a friendly reminder – tomorrow is Election Day for cities and towns.  In the City of Whiting, we only have one contested election – the first district council race.

Mayor Joe Stahura, Clerk-Treasurer John Haynes, Councilmen Chris Sarvanidis, Shawn Turpin, Rebeca Unate Michko and Tom Michniewicz are automatic winners and will NOT be on the ballot.

As a result, there will be NO  voting at the Fire Station or the Union Hall .  If you voted at the American Legion in the spring for Councilwoman Michko, you do not need to vote tomorrow because she is automatically elected since no one ran against her.

If you live on the north side, voted at Sacred Heart or the American Legion in the spring, and voted for either Kenneth Zubeck or Bryan Ciers, your polling place at either Sacred Heart or the American Legion will be open for you to vote tomorrow.  Please make every effort to vote for the candidate of your choice.