Exterior Improvement/Multi Family De-conversion Programs

The Whiting Redevelopment Commission has just developed revised guidelines for our matching assistance grants for the redevelopment revitalization area for 2007. As in the past, the Commission will reimburse for front facade improvements, subject to a specific set of guidelines. Also new this year will be a de-conversion program for those building owners that wish to change their homes from multi units to single family homes. Specific requirements are that additional kitchens, separate entrances and separate utility metering must be removed to comply with the assistance grant. There are also specific rules that must be followed as outlined in the application available at the Mayor s office or on the internet at: http://whitingindiana.com/intranet/?path=./Applications and Forms/ This new exciting program may offer some tax relief available to assist single family homeowners after the de-conversion is approved by the Assessor s Office