Important Census Information

Census 2010 Questionnaire forms will arrive by mail during the month of March. These forms are to be completed and returned prior to April 1, 2010. Participation in the Census is safe, easy and required by federal law. Residents should be aware that Census officials will contact you in person between mid-April and mid-July if the questionnaire is not completed and returned. As the nation has experienced in the past, some people will attempt to exploit this process for criminal ends. PLEASE be aware of the following:At no time will a Census official request your social security number.At no time will a Census official contact you by phone or e-mail.You will only be contacted in person if you have not completed your questionnaire. If this occurs, the official will carry multiple forms of identification and a hand-held computing device to identify their location.If you believe a person is improperly posing as a Census official, contact the police immediately by dialing 9-1-1. For more information about Census 2010 and Whiting’s role in participating in this decennial event, please visit Whiting’s Census page (under the “Around the Community” tab on the home page).