IMPORTANT – Schrage Avenue Water Main Work – UPDATE

2/8/2024 4:12PM

All repairs for the Schrage Avenue Water Main have been completed, water service has been fully restored.

Thank you for your patience during this repair work.


2/6/2024 11:38am

We have learned that the water shut off will now include the 2800 and 2900 blocks of Schrage Avenue also.  The post below has been updated to reflect this change.


The water main that serves the 2500 through 2900 blocks of Schrage Avenue must be shut off to allow for the repair of a water main break on the 2500 block of Schrage Avenue.

WATER WILL BE SHUT-OFF on those blocks on Thursday February 8th, 2024, around 7am. The water main will be closed for approximately 4-8 hours (depending on repair progress). Please draw enough water to supply your needs during this period.

Owners are encouraged to close the valve at their water meter during this water shut down. This should help prevent loss of water pressure in the house and hopefully prevent back siphoning of water out of the house.

Occasionally, some problems occur after the water supply is reinstated. If water shows discoloration, run the water until it clears. If water is available from most faucets, but won’t flow from a particular one, remove the screen from that faucet and run water. Clean the faucet screen and reinstall it.

Repair work on the Water Main will be performed by TLC Plumbing Inc. If you have any concerns regarding the water service interruption, please contact Tim Wajvoda, Utilities Director, at 219-659-2725. Please visit the City of Whiting website and this post for updates of work progress on that day. If more work is needed, you will find those updates here.

Please be assured that we are trying to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible. Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.

Please share this link with your neighbors and friends that may be affected by this repair work.