Inventors – Chance to Create Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Calling all inventors. Build a self-propelled vehicle for city driving that uses a renewable, nontraditional source or power. Each car will have to negotiate a 5-mile, predetermined course on August 28, 2010 in Whiting. Solar and fuel cell technology are off the table. Robertsdale resident Bill Halliar and the group of engineers who formed the Alternate Power Initiative it’s a crucial step to develop the next generation of green energy vehicles. Halliar’s group is offering prizes – $7.000 for first prize and $3,000 for second – for those who complete the task to help further their research. The race excludes photo voltaic and fuel cell technology because major car companies are already producing models in those areas. Whiting Mayor Joe Stahura praised the initiative as an important way to develop automobile innovations. “The possibility to introduce an era of clean, efficient transportation that is environmentally friendly, technologically sound and simple is a great challenge that can provide enormous benefit. It is expected that eventually worldwide attention will be drawn to Whiting, Indiana where the ideas to power the future will be born. This is a call to all those interested in the future of renewable energy. They will need enthusiastic volunteers with diverse talents to join in this effort. If you are a creative and have ideas of your own come rub shoulders with others interested in inventing the future.