Lakefront Plan Released

On Tuesday, September 22, Mayor Joe Stahura conducted a presentation releasing the final plan for Whiting’s Lakefront Development. The plan was approved by the Plan Commission and is now headed to the City Council for their approval. The focus of the project is to transform Whiting Lakefront Park into a destination point for all to enjoy. Included in the plan is a new 2-tiered boardwalk along the shoreline, which will connect the Whiting trail system to the Hammond trail system and then up into Chicago. Also included is the creation of a new nature area, renovation of all existing facilities and a new gazebo event center on the shoreline, with the Chicago skyline serving as its backdrop. New parking facilities, renovation and expansion of the existing pathways and Whihala Beach boat harbor renovations are also planned. A new Whiting-Robertsdale Historical Museum is also planned as part of the overall project. The entire plan can be viewed in detail at the Library and at City Hall, where the display boards can also be reviewed. Mayor Joe’s PowerPoint presentation can be viewed by visiting the City’s web site or by clicking here. Preliminary phases of the project are already underway. Construction of the project is expected to continue through 2011. The project is being funded entirely with grants and industrial tax revenue (TIF) and no residential or commercial property tax revenue will be used. Additional questions can be directed to Bob Kark, Director of Economic Development at City Hall.