Matching Assistance and De-Conversion Programs Expand

The Redevelopment Commission’s 50/50 Matching Assistance Program within its Revitalization Area has helped well over 100 properties over the past two years improve their curbside appeal by matching up to $3,000 of a $6,000 renovation limit to the fronts of homes. Its latest matching program to de-convert multi-family homes to single family homes has also taken on popularity. For a limited time in 2007, a recent partnership of the City of Whiting and the Whiting-Robertsdale Community Improvement Corporation (WR-CIC) has resulted in launching the programs to homeowners for the balance of properties in the City of Whiting. The matching programs for curbside appeal and de-conversion will now be available to all property owners within the City of Whiting. The Community Improvement Fund Committee of the WR-CIC with members Mayor Joe Stahura, Marty Jakubowski, Chris Sarvanidis, Darlene Beerling, Tim Mills-Groninger, and John Evanich have creatively provided for the funding of the programs for the area outside the initial Revitalization Area of the Redevelopment Commission. The City Council has worked to facilitate the support of this program for the balance of the city in response to the needs of their districts. The Redevelopment Commission will administer the programs on behalf of the WR-CIC, with application review, approval, and disbursement; since they have the most experience with the successful programs. Applications for the programs are available at City Hall or on the Whiting Website under Forms and Documents. Questions on the programs can be answered by Brian Lowry at 659-7700. Bob Kark, Director of Economic Development