Mayor’s Annual Walk/Run Results

On behalf of all who participated in Mayor’s Stahura Annual Walk/Run on September 13, 2008, we want to thank you. Those who showed up due to bad weather had fun. It stopped raining just before the start of the walk/run and our Co-Chairman, Bob Kark, fired the starter pistol. Thanks to our volunteers who worked to get this event off the ground. Co-Chairman – Bob Kark, Official Timer – Matt Dudzik, Registration Table – Kathy Kazmierski, Course Set-up – Chuck Kosalko. Thanks to our many sponsors that help make the walk/run a success, THANK YOU so much for your support. We would also like to thank St. Catherine’s Hospital for coming out and providing health screening for all participants. And Dino’s for providing pizzas after the event. Norb Dudzik – Chairman 2K Walk – (1st) George Kettle 18:33, (2nd) Bob Kark 20:30, (3rd) Mary Jane Kark 20:31, (4th) Tom Ryan 21:36, (5th) Denise Sejna 22:08, (6th) Shirley Zochalski 22:45, (7th) Brad Stelow 23:31, (8th) Carol Stelow 23:32, (9th) Janice Starcevich 23:33, (10th) Carol Dudzik 23:54, (11th) Dee Young 31:31, (12th) Jennifer Walsho 31:32, (13th) Terri Loera 31:33. 2K Run – (1st) Mike Hrinyo 11:42 5K Walk – (1st) Carol Graziani 42:19, (2nd) Stan Zygowicz 47:37, (3rd) Rebecca Coleman 48:29, (4th) John Coleman 48:30, (5th) Guillermo Gamino 49:18, (6th) Lilymay Gamino 49:19, (7th) Nancy Baranski 50:52, (8th) Jeanie Kristek 52:04, (9th) Dawn Ramirez 52:05, (10th) Stacey Jurek 52:44, (11th) Joe Jurek 52:45, (12th) Eileen Adam 53:35, (13th) Diane Stahura 53:36, (14th) Brian Lowry 53:38, (15th) Mary Strubel 54:01, (16th) Patricia Turpin 54:05, (17th) Carol Mora 54:07, (18th) Debbie Gazda 54:30, (19th) Carolyn Sarvanidis 54:31, (20th) David Reed 1:01:29, (21st) Priscilla McCarty 1:01:30. 5K Run – (1st) Nick Heeringa 20:24, (2nd) Pat Ramirez 25:46, (3rd) Mike Stribiak 26:08, (4th) Marty Jakubowski 27:23, (5th) Matthew Zabrecky 28:35, (6th) Mark Adam 30:53, (7th) Dan Kristek 34:24.