Morning Noise

Many have called City Hall reporting a blasting noise often time beginning as early as 4AM. Thanks to the help of some investigative work by a resident, the sound was sourcing from the Channel Dredging Fill site along the East Chicago channel. The Army Corps of Engineers had set up propane cannons at the site. The USDA operates these cannons as part of the Wildlife Management Plan for the CDF, to keep birds/wildlife away from the CDF, especially during the spring and fall bird migrations. The USDA thinks that since the water in the cells froze earlier this year, the sound from the cannons is being amplified by the ice and that s why residents are hearing the noises now. USDA believes the solution is to move the location of the propane cannons lower into the CDF cell. They will also double check the timers for the cannons, to make sure they aren t going off in the middle of the night. They were very apologetic.