New City of Whiting Emergency 911 Call Procedures

On October 13th, at 3 A.M., the Lake County Consolidated 911 Dispatch Center took over 911 calls that formerly came into the Whiting Police Department.  Dispatchers will no longer be present at the Whiting Police Station.  All police and fire related response calls henceforth will be handled by dispatchers located at the 911 consolidation center in Crown Point.  This includes all requests for police assistance, ambulance requests, reporting fire emergencies, and any other emergency type call that requires immediate action.  To report an emergency, all callers must dial 911 and should no longer use 659-2131 for emergency purposes.

The lobby entrance at the Whiting Police Station will remain unlocked.  Inside the lobby is a direct 911 line to the Lake County Dispatch Center.  People who walk into the station may use this 911 phone as a way to directly summon an officer back to the Police Station or to whatever location an officer is needed.

From this point forward, any citizen or resident that needs to immediately speak with an officer, or needs one present for a non-emergency situation, must call the Lake County dispatch by dialing 911.  Your non-emergency call will be directed to a call taker who can then dispatch a Whiting Police officer to your location or to where needed.  In other words, if you need immediate emergency or timely non-emergency contact with a police officer you must dial 911.

For Police Department administrative and non-immediate needs, call 659-2131 Monday thru Friday during the normal 8:00 am to 4:00 pm business hours.  All administrative phone calls into the police department will be answered by a pre-recorded message.  The caller will be directed via recording through a menu of options as to where to direct their call.  Any business or administrative calls to the Whiting Fire Department will continue to be handled by calling 659-1069 daily from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

Any questions regarding new 911 emergency procedures can be directed to Police Chief Steve Miller at 659-2131.