Now Hiring Whiting Residents • Various Part-Time Positions Available

The City of Whiting is currently hiring Whiting Residents as Part-Time Employees for various positions across the City.  The positions pay $13.14 per hour for an annual average of 29 hours per week.  The positions and a brief description of each are as follows:


Park Maintenance – general park maintenance including, moving picnic tables, park clean-up, landscaping tasks, facility maintenance, etc.


Landscaping Maintenance – low impact landscaping including, weed removal, mulching, clean-up, fertilizing, etc.


Street Department – general street maintenance including, trash, recycling and rubbish collection, street repairs, grass mowing, etc.


The positions listed above are open to Whiting Residents only. Applications can be found online or at the Mayor’s Office.  Call 659-7700 for further information.