Parking Improvement Projects

The City has begun a Parking Improvement Project that is very obvious around the Community Center, and not so obvious at the High School Football Field. Both areas will be reconstructed to provide additional parking spaces and to better control traffic flow. At the Community Center, angle parking will be added along Community Court and Clark Street. There will also be a reconfiguration of the Island at the intersection of Temple and Community Court. When complete, the streets will be freshly paved and striped to compliment the new parking areas around the new Walgreens. Over at the Football Field, the City will create a new entry to the parking lot from 117th Street. The existing entrance on Center Street will be eliminated and additional parking will be added along Center Street. This improvement will also add spaces in the parking lot, and, after game traffic will be directed from the lot onto 117th Street. Both areas are currently under construction and are scheduled to be completed early in June. This will also enhance traffic safety in the neighborhood on game nights.