Pierogi Fest® Postponed Until 2021

Given the ongoing and necessary concern by the public over Covid-19, the Whiting Robertsdale Chamber of Commerce is postponing this year’s Pierogi Fest.

Chairman and Co-Founder Tom Dabertin stated: “It is the event that put Whiting-Robertsdale on the map and draws more than 300,000 people in 2.5 days from across this nation and around the world. Held in Downtown Whiting, Pierogi Fest provides an annual opportunity for people to return to their roots, celebrate their heritage and have a lot of fun. But with all of the concerns about social interaction, we feel it is best to cancel this year’s event and focus on 2021 when we can once again provide the quality and fun event that everyone expects.”

The festival, which is run almost entirely by volunteers, almost 600 strong. As Chairman Dabertin noted: “As we get back to normal as a society, people may not be ready to once again be elbow to elbow with others. In addition, we have a very short window to organize this year’s event and with the extended stay in place order, we missed a lot of the time we need to make sure that Pierogi Fest delights and entertains.”

Pierogi Fest 2021 will be held July 23, 24 & 25 once again providing the quality event that everyone expects and enjoys.