Publisher Clearing House Prize Scam

A new phone scam occurred in the Whiting/Robertsdale area recently.  The complainant received a call from someone that stated they worked for Publisher Clearing House.  The caller advised him that he was a winner and needed to contact a local supervisor who works in the complainant’s area and given a phone number to contact in order to accept his prize.  The complainant was figured it was a scam but was curious since they didn’t ask for anything at this point so he called the number.  The supervisor spoke with a “Middle Eastern type accent” and didn’t seem professional or state that he worked for Publisher Clearing House.  The supervisor advised the complainant that he won a prize and all taxes involved were included at no cost to him.  There is a “Meet and Greet Catch” for the scam.  The supervisor advised that a $699.00 entry fee must be obtained up front in order to process the paperwork.  He advised that a check, money order, or cash could be accepted for the fee.  He was advised that normally they like to handle the transaction at a local CVS Pharmacy business that is convenient for the winners.  The complainant hung up and called police.  He was advised by dispatch, that since no transaction occurred or crime has taken place that no report could be made.  The complainant wanted to spread the word about the possible new scam and advised “he wished he would have set up the meet and greet so police could be there to handle the situation.”