Pullman Labor Day Bike Ride

The 11th Annual Pullman Labor Day Bike Ride will be on Monday, September 7, 2015.  Appropriately held on Labor Day, the ride’s theme honors the important role labor unions have played in Pullman and the Calumet region.  The bike ride has been a huge success thanks to contributors and riders.  All proceeds from the ride go towards expenses and a celebration at the Visitors Center at 11141 S. Cottage Grove Avenue in Pullman at the conclusion of the 30 mile course.  Approximately 30 miles, the route takes riders through a varied landscape, from industrial sites to natural areas.  For more information on the Pullman Labor Day Bike Ride, please call (773) 264-6581 or email –  info@pullmanlaborride.com.  You can visit their website at www.pullmanlaborride.com.