Residential Facade Grant Program

The City of Whiting will once again be allocating funds to the residential facade renovation grant program for 2014. All the information, including detailed instructions on how to apply will be posted on the City’s web site by the time you read this column. Applications will not be accepted until April 1st and all applications must comply with the program rules to be eligible. This year a very limited low income senior citizen program will also be available. Over $1 million dollars will be allocated to property improvement programs in 2014, with over $500,000 earmarked for the facade grant program alone. Please be sure to check the web site for the very important rules associated with the program.

With a high level of certainty, I can say that this will be the last time this program will ever be offered.  We are fortunate to have a one-time revenue source that can be used to assist homeowners this year, but this is a rare and soon to be extinct opportunity in the world of municipal finance.  To give credit where credit is due, this program was again a top priority for the City Council.  If and when you see a Whiting City Council Member, please thank them for their efforts in providing funding for these two very exciting programs.

Residential Grant Application Senior Grant Application