Smart 911 Alert System

The City of Whiting is pleased to announce our partnership with is an Alert System that residents can subscribe to which will allow an individual to opt into various notifications including those for Lake County. In addition, the city can send out special alerts for such things as street closures, boil alerts, community events, parades, and other information. These notifications can be sent to your e-Mail or as a text to your mobile device.

The app offers residents the option to enter emergency information and assist with 911 emergency calls, as well as to opt into the various notifications and alerts which Lake County and individual cities and towns can post regarding emergency and non-emergency situations.

In the event of a true emergency (i.e. evacuation, shelter in place, etc.) the Lake County Emergency Alert System and RAVE would provide an alert on everyone’s cell phone in the designated area as well as calling the landlines whether you are or are not signed up for smart911 notifications.

There is no cost to subscribe to the service.

Click here to learn more and to sign up for the Smart911 service.