The Whiting Fire Department is Proud to Announce its Participation in the Home Fire Campaign


The Whiting Fire Department is proud to announce its participation in the Home Fire Campaign launched by the American Red Cross, which aims to prevent fire related-deaths and injuries while making the homes in our community safer.

The Home Fire Campaign consists of the installation of 10-year life lithium battery smoke alarms and providing residents with home fire safety information, including how to create an escape plan. The goal of the Whiting Fire Department and the American Red Cross is to provide these items free of charge to all Whiting residents who request this service.

The American Red Cross phone number to begin the process is 1-888-684-1441. Once the initial call is made the resident will then receive a call back with a scheduled installation date and time to be completed by the Whiting Fire Department. Due to limited installation dates, the Home Fire Campaign will be rolled out to the city on a block-by-block basis, with eventually the entire City of Whiting having an opportunity to participate in the program. Businesses or large-scale property managed buildings are not eligible to participate in the program.

The program will begin on the blocks of Fischrupp Ave. and John St. and work its way through the entire city. Residents will be notified when their street is available to schedule the service. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Whiting Fire Department at 219-659-1069.

Open for enrollment are any residents on:
Fischrupp Ave. and John St.