Upgrades to Vietnam War Memorial

The City of Whiting is in the process of planning and designing a major upgrade to the Vietnam War Memorial on the corner of Schrage and 119th Streets. Several issues need to be repaired or upgraded including the degrading granite display panels that identify each of the soldiers who lost their lives in the Vietnam war. I would like to provide project information and allow the families of the soldiers to proof the content of the new memorial display. We would also like to conduct a rededication ceremony after the project has been completed. Currently, we are hoping that the project will be completed by Memorial Day 2018. To accomplish this, I am hoping that a member of each of the families would contact City Hall to provide us with the proper contact information for the family. I would greatly appreciate if the family members would call City Hall at 219-659-7700 and provide this information at your earliest convenience.

Thank you,
Mayor Joe