Walk to School Day – October 10, 2018

Walk to School Day in conjunction with the City of Whiting will be promoted on Wednesday, October 10th, 2018. All students are invited to participate and parents are encouraged to accompany the younger children on their morning walk to school.

For those who need to drive, a designated parent drop-off point has been created at the Municipal Sports Complex located at 117th & Center Street (better known as the Little League Parking Lot). School buses will be dropping off students at the Football Field Parking Lot so that those who take the bus can also participate in Walk to School Day. Middle & High School Student Chaperones will walk younger children from the drop-off area to school.

If you plan on using the drop-off area, please leave home several minutes earlier than you normally would in order to allow time for walking to school from the drop-off area. The drop-off area will open at 7:15 am. Please pick your child up after school as you normally do, NOT at the drop off area. Those who walk to School in the morning will receive a “Think Zero Waste” giveaway! Be safe and have fun walking to school; it’s a great way to start out the day!