White Castle Street Closure

Construction on the new White Castle Restaurant in Whiting is nearing completion. White Castle is planning to make connections for their gas and utilities to the new building. The current plan is to close the existing White Castle Restaurant on or around March 31, 2023. Construction will then begin to connect the utilities for the new White Castle Restaurant. As part of this process, Cleveland Avenue will be closed for this utility connection from April 3, 2023, through April 14, 2023. It is possible that this closure could end sooner, and every effort will be made to accomplish that. Please click here for a map which details the traffic flow and parking restrictions during the closure.

During this construction timeline, the City of Whiting will be placing barricades with NO PARKING SIGNAGE for Emergency Access on Cleveland Ave., and at the following intersections:

  • intersection of 117th Street and Cleveland Ave., on both sides of both Streets;
  • intersection of 118th Street and Cleveland Ave., on both sides of both Streets.

In addition, be aware of emergency vehicles responding to an emergency as they may have to travel Cleveland Ave., going the wrong way because of this street closure.

Please be patient with us as we go through this final phase of the White Castle construction. We are all looking forward to the new White Castle and are grateful they are investing in our community and making a commitment to stay in the City of Whiting.