Whiting, Indiana



Oil City Stadium

Standard Diamonds Park
1700 119th Street
Whiting, Indiana
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Project Partners

Structurepoint Inc.


Gough Inc.


Turf Solutions LLC.


Powers and Sons Construction, Inc.


Midwestern Electric Inc.


RK Sports Seating Inc.


Oil City Stadium at Standard Diamonds Park combines a unique history, with a progressive way of thinking, to create the premier high school stadium in the Midwest.

NWI Oilmen

Oil City Stadium is the home of
the NWI Oilmen! For more information,
please visit NWIOilmen.com.

The name Oil City Stadium celebrates Whiting's history as a refinery town tucked away in the northwest corner of the state for over 120 years. The BP Refinery, located just beyond the outfield fence, is a constant reminder of the blue collar attitude this town was built on. 

Constructed on land donated by the Standard Oil Refinery, Standard Diamonds will always represent "work hard, play hard".